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This word is submitted by Bill Click (rpmclicks@juno.com)


Word For Wisconsin

"Just as religious tradition has bound many in your towns, now I'm causing true righteousness to throw it down, and I am going to open strategic gates in order that you may take new ground, and through these I am going to manifest my crown," says the King of Kings.

"There will be many 'new movers' in the days to come, and through these 'new movers' I will cause a generation to rise that will thwart the cries of those who have controlled my righteous with guilt, duty and shame. I am going to reveal myself to your young-- indeed I have already begun-- and I will pour out my spirit among your old, and they will increase in what's true and bold."

"For I do not do as man would do, and I do not work as you think I should for you, but what I must do is enable you. And with a new trumpet's blast you will cause new victory to spring forth throughout my people, and it will last."

"For I am not interested in propping up the old ways, for this is a new time, and I am announcing a new day, and new ways of increasing the health of my body and the full mantle of healing will be revealed-- but it will come mostly through those who are now concealed," says the Lord of Hosts.

"I will cause you to come into that which will arise from the south, and I will honor those who speak the words coming from my mouth, and I will use their anointing to rout the doubt as I pour forth from my spout, and I promise you-- you will not go without."

"Embrace my newness, embrace my destiny for you, embrace my new workings and new workers that will be among you, and I will establish a greater cooperation among those of my authority and you will see a demonstration of my unity."

"If you will hear, and pray, and obey me and seek my face in the secret place, my works will flow from you and blanket every place, and those whom I will send, and those whom I raise-up-- they will release you into a fire that will not let-up."

Bill Click