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This word is submitted by Tammie Gelis (needgrace2@hotmail.com)


Don't hide behind the camouflage

This morning the Lord begin to talk to me about this word camouflage. He told me that so many of us are hiding behind a camouflage. So many of us are trying to look like someone else. Act like someone else. So many of us want to blend in with everyone else. Not stick out like sore thumb. The Lord kept speaking to me that it is time for his people to stop camouflaging:

"Stop trying to be someone you are not. I have put people in your path to learn from and to help you grow but not for you to become them. I have created you each and everyone different. Do not be afraid or ashamed to be who it is I have made you to be. I have made no mistakes.

My Church is becoming camouflaged. They are so afraid of taking a stand and sticking out like sore thumb they have become more like the world. Their goal has become to be more sociably accepted. They want to blend in, to fit in well with the community. But I have asked them to take a righteous stand, a holy stand against the principalities of darkness in their community.

It is time to put away fear of what others might think or do. It is time to take a stand. Stand for all that you believe in. Raise up standard of righteousness in your home and in your community.

What have you done with all I have given to you? What have you done with all that I have told you to do? Why will you not stand up and be who I have called you to be? Or will you remain blended with everyone else; with no one really knowing who they really are because they are pieces of so many people?

Know what it is that you believe this day. Know what it is that you are to take a stand on. Know who you are in me, who I have made you to be. Do not let fear of not being accepted keep you camouflaged. Your acceptance, your love is in me. I am your strength. I am all you need. I am looking for a people that will rise up and be who I have called you to be. Take a stand. I have given to you all power and strength and authority.

Rise up sons and daughters of God. Rise up and be counted. Rise up, take up the authority I have given each one of you; and each one take back from the enemy the ground he has stolen from you. If you all individually do that he cannot stand. Rise up, put on my breastplate of righteousness."

I kept seeing how hunters wear orange when they go hunting so they can be seen by other hunters, and so they are not mistaken for an animal. That is kind of thing I was seeing here. But I saw him putting on his people a red vest, representing his blood. He is telling us that there is safety in his blood. Each one of us needs to put that vest on individually each day. We cant lean on another's know-how and strength or courage. Every single one of us needs to put on this vest and know our place in him. We much each individually know how much for our lives that blood covers.

Rise up, Take a stand, be all he has made you to be.

In Christ
Tammie Gelis