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This word is submitted by Lori Thomas (thomase@knology.net)


A New Level of Intercession

"You were birthed into a new level of intercession; a new level of authority in the Spirit. I have put others around you in answer to your cries for help and understanding. They will be with you on this journey. What you have received, you must give away.

You cry out for more words; more expressions of love. I will fill your mouth for you have cried out to Me. I have made you to be a mouthpiece to usher in this movement of My Spirit. I WILL fill your mouth and I WILL expand your heart. You ARE My mouthpiece.

As you pour yourself out, you will be filled again and again. Listen carefully and see what wonders and mysteries lie ahead for those in this special calling. Don't try to figure it out- only trust that I am your Father and I will serve to you warm bread for nourishment and the evil one I will restrain. Victory awaits and is calling you deeper and deeper into My love. I desire intimacy with you even more than you desire it with Me. I yearn for you more than you yearn for Me."


I believe that what the Lord is saying through these and other words, is that He is calling us to greater intimacy with Him and that is where our victory lies. He is calling out intercessors who praise Him and worship Him in Spirit and truth. This is warfare. He desires to form holiness and strength in us. For those who feel a tug on your heart that there is something more, be assured that there is. The Father is doing a mighty work in His children and we need to pray for one another as we enter in to this dimension of higher levels of intimacy.

Prayerfully submitted by Lori Thomas