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This word is submitted by Joanne Gavlick (eaglegav@email.msn.com)


A Word For Intercessors

I will lift up a standard like none other for this hour. A standard of prayer, worship and adoration rising as incense before Me. As you pray and intercede for intercessors to rise, My house will be restored. I am gathering My levitical gatekeepers, My musicians and singers, along with My intercessors, to target specific regions, cities, and nations as they unite as one to minister unto Me. Did I not send the Levites ahead of the armies of Israel in battle? This is my end-time strategy, and I am giving you your marching orders.

There will be a major shift amongst My levites once recognized and trained. I am calling for the musicians, singers, dancers and intercessors to join together before Me in My house to declare the Word of the Lord through intercession with the apostolic and prophetic anointings and mantles. I am calling the gatekeepers to join on the walls of prayer to guard the city gates and temple.

Open your gates for the exodus of the Jewish people to go up to Jerusalem.

The rise of demonic activity will be quenched by releasing continual prayer, worship and adoration.

Prophesy to the winds of the north, south, east and west for prayer and intercession to grip the hearts of My people. Pray for My intercessors, and pray for more intercessors to rise. I am calling some to move geographically in order to receive your commission; others, to minister your commission.

Pray for intercessors.