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This word is submitted by Dan MacKelvey (dmackelvey@netzero.net)


Take The Long Way Home

I feel it is important to give you some the context in which this word was received. I was driving home one day, when the Lord told me to "Take a ride". I was a bit perplexed as to what he meant then he said "Daniel turn here, I have something I want to share with you." Not wanting to argue with God, and being a bit curious as well, I put the turn signal on and did as God asked. I had to ask God as I round the corner were we were going. He assured me that I would know soon enough.

I live on the edge of a very rural area and God had me take a ride through some of it. It was evening about 6:45 PM and it had been a warm day but it was now starting to cool off. I must say it was very pleasant evening. As we (God and me) wound through the back roads and eventually turned back toward my home God asked me: "Daniel why must you always take the shortest route?" I had my usual answer to God's profound question. "I don't know." Then He asked, "Daniel why is it necessary to race place to place?" I had a answer for that one, "Because I need to." Then God said, "My child I want you to share what I am about to say with your brothers and sisters." So for you consideration and discernment here is what God said to me....

My Children I never designed you to move at the pace that many of you do. The world tells you that you need to do this and you need to do that. That you need to do 30 hours or more worth of "living" in a 24 hr day. I didn't make your bodies to work so fast and to do so much, to expend so much energy.

Where did I tell you in my word to get all that you can get done in one day? Where did I tell you that you need to move as fast as you can and fill your schedules with all sorts of stuff?

I want you to enjoy life, but you can't when your to busy to take the long way home. When you are in such a hurry, you can't even slow down and enjoy the creation that I have made. Slow down my children, the world will not fall apart if the dishes don't get done, or the floor is not vacuumed or if you spend time 'with' your children instead of 'around' them.

Take the one day off that you have wanted to spend it the way you want to with you family. Don't worry about the client, the contract or the money. I can take care of them the way I have always taken care of you. Just ask me to I know your motives My Child. There are things more important the them. Take time to be a Father, Mother or Friend.

Take the long way home and relax. You will fine that you accomplish more and find more satisfaction in doing it. You will find that I am who I say I am. I am the Alpha and Omega, the one who loved you before you even knew me. I am the one who provides all that you need.

Dan MacKelvey