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This word is submitted by Kristin Reeg (kristinreeg@strategicnetwork.org)


Break out

I have come that you might know Me. I walked this earth not just to give you a model but to show how much I care. I have put My spirit within you to go and tell others that I care.

Break out of the boxes you have put yourselves in. Break out of the box you have put Me in. Look beyond the mountains in front of you. I have given you faith and authority to say to this mountain move and it shall be moved. Do not let any natural thing be a limitation to you for I say I am a God who has long arms. My arms are not too short to provide nor are my ears deaf to hear your prayers. For My eyes have seen the wickedness that prevails around you, but I tell you I will be glorified. I will be glorified in your life. I will be glorified in your work. I will be glorified. Evil will run from My glory, and I will allow My glory to fall upon you. You are My vessels to be used for My glory.

Seek Me in the midst of your trials and you will see My glory.

Pressing on and pressing in,
Kristin Reeg =)