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This word is submitted by Chris Hirsh (OnFire4JC7@aol.com)


Freedom From Expectations

The Lord's been drawing my focus on the vegetation outside. As I looked, I noticed all the different trees, diverse in shape, color, size, some already having their full dress of leaves, some being in full bloom with different types of colors, some having a certain growth of leaves and other still just starting to bud and hardly showing anything yet.

I hear the Lord saying that just as there are so many different types, colors, sizes and even stages and season to development, it is the same with us.

Many of us have been beating ourselves up trying to match up to certain expectations others and ourselves have put upon us, even compared ourselves to others' personality, ministry style and maturity. We have become frustrated over this, discouraged, left with feelings of inadequacy, not fitting in, being different. And He wants us to know that He didn't create us to be something or someone else, but He made us who we are.

God wants us to stop comparing ourselves with other and what seasons they are in and stop trying to live up to expectations we can't fulfill. Only then we can be free to be ourselves and become ALL He has called us to be and created us for.