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This word is submitted by Teresa Seputis (ts@godspeak.org)


Come Out Of The Rain


[This word is for those who love God and who are committed to His Lordship in their lives, but who have been feeling distant from God recently. It is for those have been feeling God is angry or upset with you even though you desire to serve Him with all of your heart.]


I have been waiting for you. You have managed to separate yourself from me again, even after I told you not to do so. The torment you have put yourself through was totally unnecessary. Yes, child, this is a rebuke, but one that is full of love. My sweetness and my acceptance is dripping from it onto you, and I am breaking off the enemy mind set that has held you captive these past days when you have felt separated and alienated from me. Child, I heard you crying out for help, but you did not run to me.

It is like a toddler standing in the rain and crying because it is wet and because the rain keeps hitting it, when only three feet away is a ledge overhanging a dry area. The child's parents are standing in the ledge and calling for it to come to them. The parents love the child and are trying to teach it, which is why they are calling to it instead of going and getting it. You have been standing in the rain and crying, like that child. I have called to you and am teaching you to come in from under that rain into my protective ledge where you will be dry and safe.

The enemy has strategies against you. Rather that rescue you each time, over and over again, from that same strategy; I am teaching you how to stop being venerable to that strategy. The lesson can be painful and slow at times, but once you have learned it, the enemy's power over you in that area is broken and you are able to better walk with me in my authority. This is why I have allowed these circumstances in your life. They were not a punishment and I was not angry or displeased with you. I have been teaching you how to overcome them, so that the enemy of you soul will have no more power over you in that area.

For it is my desire for you to walk in victory in and in my authority. I have called you to be an overcomer. I have called you to be a partaker of my kingdom authority and to do with me what I am doing on this earth. I have given you a measure of my power and of my anointing and I am teaching you how to use it. So it is necessary to give you lessons in overcoming. It is necessary to expose wrong thinking patterns and wrong mind sets that I might correct them. For indeed, I want to change the way you think and act in every area of your being, that it might line up more fully with how I think and act. Child, I am about working my nature and my character in you. I am delighted with the work I have already done in you, but child, I have even more transformation work that I desire to do within you. This next season I am teaching you to be an overcomer, to be one who the enemy cannot torment, one who the enemy cannot prevail against.

Rise up in my strength, clothe yourself in my power and authority. Break off the mind set of condemnation and embrace the truth of my word. I have said that there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. Child you are very much in Christ, therefore you do not stand condemned. Yet you listen to the enemy's voice of condemnation. You make a mistake or you exercise bad judgement in some little area. Then the enemy comes along and tells you that I am angry with you when I am not. He is trying to get you to separate yourself from Me. Who are you going to believe? Are you going to believe the liar? Or are you going to stand on my truth?

Child, when you have "blown it" and you feel distant from me and the voice of condemnation comes at you.. that is the time to run to me and to embrace the forgiveness and cleansing that Jesus purchased for you on Calvary. It is there for you, forever available for you. Through the blood of Jesus, you stand before me holy and pure and acceptable in my sight. So do not listen to the voice of condemnation that tells you that you are separated from me. Rather run to me, embrace my ways, allow me to change your thinking and your behavior to better line up with my own. For it is my desire to work my glory in your life and to work through you mightily. I have not forsaken you.. I will never forsake you.

Child, in all things I am with you and I am for you and I will cause my glory to come into each of your circumstances.