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This word is submitted by Tim Plett (tplett1@mb.sympatico.ca)


Greater is He

My children, be very clear in your understanding. There is an enemy. He is seeking to kill, destroy and devour. He will attack any work of the My Kingdom. He will attempt to bring discouragement and frustration. He will attempt to turn you back from following Me. He will attempt to make you forget the word I have so clearly spoken to you. He will attempt to separate you from your brothers and sisters. He will attempt to keep you in bondage, in immaturity and in ineffectiveness.

Be aware. But DO NOT BE AFRAID for greater am I in you than he is in the world. In Me you have all the power you need to turn back all the attacks of the enemy. He does not have the power to frustrate My work in you. He does not have the power to frustrate My work through you. He cannot steal the joy I give you.

Don't focus on him, look to Me. Walk in Me. Turn to Me in humility. Turn to Me in obedience. I will lead you to victory. I will bring you joy. Nothing can separate Me from My people.

Tim Plett