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This word is submitted by Nancy Smith (bntesmith@ohiohills.com)


I am setting this house in order...

I am setting this house in order even to raise up that Joshua generation of those who will go in and pull up and pluck out and uproot...they will plunder and they will spoil the enemy's camp. They will not grow weary when they are assailed on every side but shall move in unison with the power of agreement to love one another as I have loved them. There will be none other than I to guide them, to lead them and to shower them with favor as they move into their places.

I have called each of you to join this army at some level, and to take your rank as a soldier who would even be willing to go under cover in these days in order to see the mission fulfilled. For it is not only what you are doing on the outside that makes a difference in my kingdom but what you are doing on the inside that will make a difference. My children, in this day and hour when men say they are coming out of their closet, I would urge you to go back INTO your closet and to prepare and seek strategy for the battles ahead. For the enemy lines are drawn and I would that you listen to Me more now than ever so that I can teach you My ways.