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This word is submitted by Jane Jacobson (jjacobson13@sprint.ca)


A Sifting Is Going On

A sifting is going on. The counterfeit will no longer be able to fool those who are "in Christ. "God's elect will be able to discern the real things of God, and will no longer be deceived by man and his ways. Works and plans not established in the "body", in Christ, will fall and bear no fruit. Those things established through God's plans, in obedience, and perseverance, will be unshakable.

Affirmation of God's will is going to be unshakable in the souls and hearts of God's obedient and faithful. They will position themselves for God's will and purposes. They will stand like mighty oaks and be a refuge and strength for many. Compromise will not be in their vocabulary. Family and friends who are not obedient, nor in Christ, will find this hard to fathom and will try to dissuade them, but the seduction and plans of "the wicked one" will no longer work or have power over the faithful, steadfast servants of the Most High God.

Revelation, word of knowledge, prophecy, and other giftings will be regular conversation for these, who are "in Christ." They will be empowered to bring hope, love, encouragement, wisdom, salvation, and miracles to whom God sends them to, or to those who cross their paths. The "gospel", the "good news", will certainly be so; as there will no longer be just talk,but there will be action, and power, and life changing experiences. God's authority will rest upon His people and they will have confidence in who they are in Christ. The Holy Spirit will fill their mouths and they will be willing vessels for the Lord. Courage and "backbones of steel", will prevail as they walk in love, in power, and not in fear.

It will be God's doing for His will and good pleasure, and certainly nothing of man. Choices will be made every day; choices that will be life-changing. The "world" will be shocked as God's people leave their works, and step into "God's."

There will be persecution. When the gospel goes forth there is always persecution. There is the "accuser of the brethren." But there will also be the Defender,Jesus Christ himself who will walk with you, and among you. Fear not. The battle is already won and the victory is ours! If Christ be for you, who can be against you?