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This word is submitted by Fred Kelly (fredkelly@prodigy.net) ----- Stand Firm Here I am in your midst says the Lord. I walk amongst you, and I place My hand upon your shoulder as I walk by you says the Lord. Because I wish to impart unto you, that which My Son gave unto those that walked with Him. When He walked upon the face of this earth. For yea I say unto you this day, I give you more than that which He gave unto them at that time says God. I come unto a people that has yield unto Me and has offered themselves unto Me, to know Me in a deeper and in a real way. And as you reach out unto Me as I walk by you, I impart more of My Spirit.

Because I declare I would have a people of the earth that would stand firm and would stand strong in the face of the enemy, because I have won the victory says the Lord. And I declare that I will have a people that will walk in that victory that I have given unto you.

For I've given you the authority in My Son's name Jesus. And as you stand firm in that authority and go forth in the presence of My Spirit says God, the enemy will flee from you, he cannot resist. For have I not said in My word, for as you draw nigh unto Me and resist the enemy he shall flee from you? For My word is truth and My word brings victory, and I shall bring victory in your life this day declares God.

For those things that the enemy has tried to put upon you and is pushing you to the left and the right, I shall destroy those things says God, and I shall break the yoke which has tried to cause you to fall to the ground, and I shall remove them and you shall be lifted up, and you shall mount up as if on wings of eagles and you shall soar on heights beyond that which you have known before, when you grasp a hold of My hand, when I touch you says God.

For when I come into your midst, when I am there, when I am walking with you, I declare I would have a people that would say, I love you Lord, I love you Lord and I worship you, and as you come unto Me and worship this morning says the Lord, I say unto you I love you. And I declare I will have a people that will be the warring army that I will have upon the earth. That will bring forth the name of the gospel to those that are round about. For I've declared I will have a people that is strong, I will have a people that walk in the wisdom and the knowledge that I have imparted unto you. Seek that which I offer unto you this day says the Lord, grasp a hold of it and know that I am your God.