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This word is submitted by Joe Long (capstone3456@thegateway.net)


My Daughter
(A "personal" Word to the Army of Women Ministers and Intercessors)

"I AM the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, hear My words that I speak unto you My chosen one..."

I have raised you up for such a time as this... That I may glorify My name in and through you! Will you believe the report of man over My Word??? I would encourage you, Daughter, to lean upon Me, to trust in Me, to cling to Me, to adhere to My Word as if your very life depended upon it... Indeed My chosen one, your life and the lives of all that I bring you in contact with to "impart" My Word of Life to, does depend upon it...

From the beginning, I have ordained that through the woman who was beguiled by satan operating through the serpent, her seed would crush his head, and he would bruise his heel... (Gen. 3:14-15) My Daughter I took you from the side of man and I ordained that you should stand by him, and he by you... (Gen. 2:18-25) When I created man I created them male and female and blessed them and called them "Adam." (Gen. 5:2) After the fall, the man called his wife Eve (life spring) because she was the mother of all living... (Gen. 3:20) I AM now calling you to bring forth many spiritual children... You have been in the preparatory stages of this calling for some time.... It is now time to go to the next level...

There are those who would twist and pervert My Word, to their utter destruction... This is as I have spoken that it would be... That which has been spoken by Me shall come to pass in the fulness of time... It shall not tarry nor shall it be premature... My Word shall come into its fruition in the time that I have ordained that it should... Then there are those who take My word and rightly divide it bringing life to themselves and others by relying on My Spirit for interpretation of My Word... This is also as I have spoken that it should be, for I shall have a remnant who will walk in My ways and in My precepts, saith the Holy One of Israel...

The plan and purpose for your life that I have set forth from before the foundation of the world is available and waiting for you to step into its fulness... You have but began to enter into that which I have planned for you.. It is your choice... I created you as I AM, in My likeness and in My image... The choice that you make determines the outcome of the plan that I have prepared beforehand for you...There are many routes that you can take and still arrive at the same destination... No, I did not say that there are many gods that you can follow and still arrive at Me... I said that there are many routes in your life that you can follow and by believing in Me you will arrive at the destination that I desire for you... There is a path that is better than the others... This path is found in seeking My face, not My hand... It is in the intimacy of My presence, in "worship" and "praise..." It is in communion with Me in the Holy of Holies which is your spirit, for that is where I dwell... Within you... Enter in and commune with Me, for I AM your Lord and your God... I AM HE WHO IS FAITHFUL AND TRUE! I AM ALERT AND ACTIVE WATCHING OVER MY WORD TO PERFORM IT!

This may sound greatly complicated to you, and yes it is to your natural man... I say to you My Daughter, hear with the ears of your spirit, see with the eyes of your spirit, think with the mind of Yeshua whom I have put within you, and feel with My heart which I have placed within you, in place of the heart of stone that was there... Hear the voice of My Spirit, whom I have given to you as your eternal companion that you should never be alone... Did I not say that I would not leave you as an orphan, that I would come to you??? Yes, I have come to you in the person of My Set Apart Spirit, "Ruach HaKodesh" whom you call "The Holy Spirit." Take heed of My Word, know and understand My Word, Hide My Word in your heart, let it never depart from you...

I have chosen "you" from before the foundation of the world, that you should bring glory honor and praise to My name... Hear the call of My Spirit who resides within you... Ask of Me for the dynamic power of My Spirit to be manifested in you and you shall have that which you ask, for I have promised this to you... I AM ALERT AND ACTIVE WATCHING OVER MY WORD TO PERFORM IT! (Jeremiah 1:12)

Do not fear to step out in faith to proclaim My Word, thus allowing Me to confirm My Word with signs and wonders following... Allow Me to operate through you in the Dynamic working Power of My Spirit... Present yourself to Me as a vessel of Honor suitable for the Masters use...

I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of love peace and a sound mind... All good things comes from Me, your Father Above, in whom there is no turning of shadow... I AM the Life and Light of and "to" all men, I AM the door... I have drawn you to me by My Spirit, for "My" glory and honor... You are My chosen vessel, but you must "move" into that which I have for you... Again, I say to you My Daughter, My chosen vessel, "Do not fear man, who can only destroy the body.... But fear Him who can destroy both body and Spirit.... Trust in Me, for I AM THE WAY THE TRUTH, THE LIFE AND LIGHT FOR ALL MEN... No one comes to the Father except he first come to me, Yeshua Ha'Mashiach... "Jesus your Messiah..."

I await your coming to me in the Garden of your spirit... Come let us walk together and commune one with another, and I will show you My greatness and My glory, and your Joy shall be made full in Me... I have great things in store for you, yet there is a price to pay, but the rewards are far greater than the price!!!

I AM YOURS MY BELOVED AND YOU ARE MINE!!! (Song of Sol. 2:16) Come walk with me and you shall behold My Glory forever and forever, even unto the eternities of the eternities, saith He Who Is Faithful and True!!! Amen! So let it be!!!