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This word is submitted by Petru Prinsloo (saip@cis.co.za)



See what Nebuchadnezzar took when he conquered Jerusalem:

He took all the treasures from the Temple and from the king's house. He captured the captains, soldiers, craftsmen and smiths. He laid hold of the king, his mother, wives and officers. All that remained was the poorest of the poor living in a city without walls or gates.

Know that the enemy is after your spiritual and physical treasure - the gifts and fruit of the Spirit and personal belongings & health. The leaders, intercessors, prophets and the faithful ones he will try to sidetrack or remove them from their purposes in Me. He will leave only the spiritually poor ones in unprotected cities. These are his plans.

However, do not fear him or his plans. I am revealing his plans so that you can foil them. Come into My Presence daily and fully and you will be able to do more than just resist him. You will be able to fight temptation and weariness. You will be able to focus on Me and My purposes for you - but then you must seek My face continually and in everything you do. Come to Me first and I will give you the desires of your heart.

It's vital that you pray for your leaders, the intercessors and prophets. Mention their names before Me daily and I will command the hosts of heaven to surround them.

My Beloved, come to Me. The war is escalating and I AM the only Source of your strength.