Prophetic-School Words: The Eleventh Hour

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THE ELEVENTH HOUR by Priscilla Reid

Originally from: Priscilla Reid <>
Originally dated: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 10:53:02 -0800 (PST)

Hey All,

Just want to submit this for you all to weigh, to learn, to be encouraged (as per 1Cor.14:29-31 JNT). Received this while meditating on Matthew 20. The urgency with which the Lord spoke simply devastated me.

There is barely an hour left until dark. I am hiring the final hour workers right now. I want them harvesting and working along side the rest of you because I desire the WHOLE HARVEST to quickly come in before dark. Do not begrudge them the same, or even a greater, anointing than yours. The tools they use in this harvest are MY TOOLS, as are the tools you use. Work shoulder to shoulder with them. Do not begrudge them their wages. Do not be jealous of them OR angry with Me for for My generosity to ALL. I Am BIG enough, and POWERFUL enough, and LOVING enough to sustain you ALL. You have been asking Me for "More," now I say the same to you. Look into My eyes! ... and you will understand My longings for THIS HARVEST!

with deepest respect,


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