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Word For England

by Teresa Seputis

Originally from: Teresa Seputis <TeresaS@xc.org>

Originally dated: 13 Jul. 1998

This is a word for England that the Lord gave me this morning...

As I have begun to pour out my spirit on England in increased measure, so has the enemy began to pour out his spirit in increased measure and to increase his strategy and tactics against this nation. This will be a time of great light and great darkness. There will be an increased separation of light from darkness with the light getting lighter and the darkness getting darker.

But do not despair, oh my people for I am making you a great light. I am pouring my spirit out upon you. You will see an increased authority, an increase of power and anointing.

I am going to give you the younger generation...
They are ripe .. the time is at hand..
and the harvest is beginning.
As you stand firm in Me
you will see the youth open up and come running to me.
For I have given a great hunger in them for the truth ...
and I am the truth ...
... and they will turn to me and be saved.
for I am giving you back your nation as a nation under Me.
I am taking your land.
Come with me My children
stand firm and see the mighty hand of your God
move and bring His light to your nation.

For I am pouring out My spirit upon you.

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