Prophetic-School Words: Arise

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Arise (Donna Cox)

Originally from: Donna Cox<>
Originally dated: Thu Apr 16, 1998

Originally given in Prophetic-School AOL chatroom (Stretching 101")]


come forth


Arise I say


I am calling deep unto deep


I am calling forth my warriors
those who will stand for me
this is the hour the season
the day that I have decreed

Now is the hour
now Is the time to stand



waiting for my command

listen for it is this hour
that I am calling your forth
go and tell my truths
to all who you will see
this is the day of holiness
holiness is my divine decree

Reach out
for I am filling your hands with a new
power of healing

reach out for I am breaking off the bondages of the past

reach out for I will give you the strategy to break the devils back

it is your time and season to receive to gain

the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just
those of you who's hearts are just
who hunger and thirst after me
this is your hour to take back all that has been stolen

then go forth and share my truths

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