Prophetic-School Words: God's Treasury

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God's Treasury (Ramona Kline)

Originally from: (Ramona Kline)
Originally dated: Mon, 09 Feb 1998 15:34:10

As I was waiting on the Lord this morning, I saw a sheet spread out on the ground, and I sensed the Lord was saying,

"Bring all that you love, treasure, and hope for, all that you've desired from Me, all your yearnings and longings in Me, even My promises to you, and place them on the sheet. Tie them up in the sheet, and give it to Me. Now, I will take all of these things and I will place them in my treasury for safe-keeping. Over time, those things given to you from Me as visions and promises will earn interest and increase. The longer they are kept in My treasury, the more I will add to them. In the fulness of time, when they have come to maturity, I will release them back to you, but you will not recognize them for they will have multiplied greatly, like the loaves and the fishes from the little boy's lunch. See how much I can do with so little! But you must first bring them to My treasury."

I hope this is a blessing to you all!

In Jesus,
Ramona Kline

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