Prophetic-School Words: Word for Intercessors

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Word for Intercessors (by Michelle Sikma)

From: "Michelle Sikma" <>
Originally dated: Sat, 26 Jan 1998 06:17:58 PST

"My children. I am blessed in my heart because of your faithfulness.

Please continue to do the work I have called you to. Do not fret in the days when you see no result of your prayers. I am always at work. I never cease in what I do.

But protect yourselves from the lies of the enemy. For he will try to undermine your strength. Bind him from your midst. Let him gain nothing.

Peace is within the troubled waters. He who knows my heart will never fail. Seek after me, do not lose sight of the One who has called you. Compress the hours you have been given into the husk of the night. Peel off the layers to reveal all. Incite the prayers that will remove these layers from the Glory that lies beneath.

The enemy has covered over the eyes of my people with layers of lies, that they cannot see through. My strength and power will come to you to help those in need. But you must first remove those lies covering your own eyes. Do not go on what YOU know…but on what I know.

Seek out my spirit in EVERYTHING. Do not test me in your own knowledge. For your knowledge is tainted with things of the world. Throw off all you know of this world and come to me and I will give you new knowledge. Knowledge that comes straight from my heart. Nothing of this world will touch it. For it is Holy and Pure. As in all things, test the spirits. Become familiar with My ways, on your own. Do not think that you know me, from what others have told you! You do not! Only by YOUR being in My presence, will you truly know me. Lay down all your preconceptions, and rise up to take the place I have set for you.

The guests are arriving. I place the scepter in your hands, to conquer the nations that rise up against you. Be still and wait. You will be fulfilled in me."

In His Service
Michelle Sikma

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