Prophetic-School Words: Greed

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Greed (by Donna Cox)

Originally from: Donna Cox <>
Originally dated: Sun, 25 Jan 1998 03:17:58 EST

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As I was getting ready for bed tonight, I heard the Lord say, ......."Greed."

"What Lord?" I said, because to tell you to truth, I was startled! I just didn't think I heard that quite right... and then He continued to speak to me, and I understood.

God wants us to, "get greedy about our time with Him." He wants us to put Him in his rightful place. He wants to actually be number one in our lives... in our hearts... Yes, He wants to be number one, body, soul, and spirit.

He encouraged me to check out my life and my priorities, and showed me a few places where I could get a little more.. "greedy," about the time I save just for Him... He wants us all to check out our schedules and our agendas....

Are we really putting Him first? Is He our top priority?

I had the sense that the Lord was doing a, well... a, "spiritual checkup," or perhaps, "spiritual tune-up," is a better description among His children. I also had the sense, He was doing this for our benefit, that He had invested much in us, and He wanted to use us.... to pour us out onto others....and this was the reason for the, "tune-up." So we would be ready and, "full of him." When the time comes to pour us out, not disabled because we ran out of power. (He is our power source.)

I have the sense, that God wants each of us to take a few moments and check our priorities... to see if we really are greedy about our time with Him. He wants us to be.

His servant,

God's Property Ministries
Gary and Donna Cox
Columbus, Ohio

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