Prophetic-School: Regarding Words of Rebuke

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Regarding Words of Rebuke


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Originally dated: Tue Nov 17 06:39:13 1998


Amen and amen to Teresa's teaching on rebuke. That was totally refreshing to me. I want to share something that happened to me a few days ago. An old friend of mine, who lives in Kentucky (I live in AZ) received a word from the Lord for me. I hadn't talked with him in many months, and he had no earthly knowledge of the circumstances that are occuring in my life right now. He called with this word, and asked that I speak not a word about anything until he delivered the message that God gave him, to ensure that all of this was totally from the Lord and derived from the flesh. Well the word he gave me had some correction in it, but I, as was related in one of Teresa's stories, did not even realize it was corrective until I began to muse and pray on it well into the word that was being given. It was so gentle and full of God's grace and love, and obviously right intent and motivation, it was more like God just speaking His love to me than a word of rebuke or correction. The word was totaly right on, and I was once again amazed at the awesomeness of God to be able to use one of His servants who knows nothing about my situation to call and speak forth the heart of God to me. It set me free in the area it was intended for, Hallelujah!!

This man had spent much time in prayer and in the word about this long before he gave it to me. He waited upon the Lord for his timing, and I can assure you, it was perfect timing! There was no personal judgment involved with it, it was truly the Lord speaking to me!! I find this teaching to be in awesome timing of the Lord also, for me in conjunction with what has already occured within 48 hours of this teaching being received. God is truly awesome!! Well, just some concurrence with that which has been given to us for teaching this week, what great anointing the leadership core of this group has, praise the Lord!!

Love in Christ, Ben

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