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Prayer-School Prayer Practicum

Targeting South Africa

Week 6 Prayer Target

Hosted By Alison Papenfus

Prayer Target: A Restoration Of The Prophetic

Africa is a continent of need. There is poverty - physical and spiritual. There is sickness - physical and spiritual; there is ignorance (guess what!) and corruption (not again!) and cruelty (not going to repeat myself again) - add to that unemployment and every sort of -ism - race, sex, age .... whatever you want to focus on - we need it.

But I have a particular focus.

My focus is the restoration of the prophetic in Africa.

Because if we restore the word of the Lord to the African church we will speak to those in poverty and show them the way out. Miracles of healing are restored when prophets tramp the streets; ignorance is unfashionable when people hunger for the word of the Lord; corruption is insecure when the Word of the Lord reveals sin .... and so I could go on. When the Word of the Lord is spoken the sins of man suddenly come into perspective - and they look dirty.

I am not saying the restoration of the prophetic in the African church is the full answer. I am saying - it is part of the answer that God has prescribed.


Too many prophetic ministers are focused on setting up their independent ministries; there is little cooperation and working together, there are some ministries in direct competition with each other! Therefore, pray for a genuine desire to work together and crucify the spirit of competition.

Many (the majority) of Churches reject prophetic ministry; they have found it inaccurate and divisive. Therefore, pray for open doors for the prophetic; that God will heal people who feel they have been hurt by the prophetic and give prophets the opportunity to contribute to that process; integrity and accuracy amongst prophetic ministers.

Many prophetic people have been hurt, and are currently cut off from church fellowship. Although this is a worldwide phenomenon, we need to see those people restored to the church. Therefore, pray for an end to the spirit of bitternness between prophetic people and their churches; a readiness on the part of churches to raise people up and not to hold their past against them; the restoration of people who have avoided church commitment to the Body of Christ.

Prophetic Churches nationwide have been under severe attack; in many cases prophetic ministers on full-time-staff have been cut from the pay-roll. Therefore, pray for an understanding of the place of the prophetic in the church, and the establishment of apostolic/prophetic partnerships in the churches; for financial provision for those in prophetic ministry.

God has given me a vision to establish Networks of full time and major time prophetic ministries throughout Southern Africa, and there are three others in prophetic ministry who share this vision and work towards its fulfillment with me. When the Lord first put this burden upon me I thought it was South Africa only! Sigh. God has wide angle vision!! In 6 months we have seen the establishment of a Gauteng Prophetic Network for ministries in that province: there are currently about 20 prophetic ministries associated with this Network. We have also seen the establishment of the Cape Town Prophetic Network for ministries in that area under good leadership. The leadership of the two networks are meeting together from time to time. I believe that the Lord would have us establish one further network in South Africa this year - but I don't yet know where. He has also spoken to me about Namibia.

Please pray for unity amongst prophetic ministries in this nation, and a desire to build one another up; a deepening of the work of God and our understanding of the Word of God throughout the nation as we work together for the Kingdom to be established; for the coordinators of the Gauteng Prophetic Network and the Cape Town Prophetic Network; for the establishment of another prophetic network in South Africa this year; for wisdom for the coordinators to know how to proceed with this work in Namibia.

Lord, we ask that You would raise up a clear prophetic voice in Your church today in the nation of South Africa. Use it to strengthen, encourage, edify and build up Your church. We ask that funds be released to support prophetic ministries in churches and communities throughout the nation.

Lord, as You raise up the prophetic, give each ministry Your agenda. I ask that You would cause there to be joining together and networking among Your works in the various regions and churches. Raise up prophetic networks, cause them to be established. Provide solid and gifted leadership for them... and give them favor with Your churches, that Your word and Your will be accomplished. Let Your word be released.. let Your anointing be released, and let the spirit of prophecy be released throughout this nation. Let the bonds of oppression be broken as Your word is proclaimed. Let captives be set free and let the anointings and empowerment be released into the church.

We thank You, Lord, that You are restoring the prophetic in this nation.


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