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Prayer-School Prayer Practicum

Targeting The Nation of South Africa

Workshop Introduction

Our next "teaching series" is a workshop, targeting prayer for the nation of South Africa. This series will last 6 to 8 weeks. The main goal of this workshop is to learn HOW to go to God for direction with a specific prayer target and then pray it the way He leads you to.

Plesse feel free to post your prayers to the prayer school list, by emailing them to prayer-school@godspeak.net .. but do not feel obligated to post them there. If someoene's prayer strikes a cord in you, please feel free to build on it.

Please pay attention to how the Lord leads and moves in your prayer life during this prayer workshop series. Our intent through this workshop is that you will begin to hear Him more clearly for direction in prayer (or for confirmation of things He shows you) as a result of this exercise.

We are very interested in having you share the process of prayer and listening to God in this workshop series. The intent is that each week you take the prayer target to God and ask Him, "Lord, how do you want me to pray into this?" Then do what He shows you. You are welcome to post that prayer to the list, but it is fine if you do not post it. The goal here is to get dirction from the Lord on how He wants you to pray for the given week's prayer target. Some of the targets will be vague and board-scope. Others will be very specific and narrow scope. Pay attention to which type of prayer target is easier for you to pray into. Dialogue with God about the targets that are more difficult to pray into and ask Him what He is teaching you from this.

Intercession for South Africa is an important goal of this series, but the most important goal is in learning to bring a prayer target to God and to get direction from Him on **how** He wants you to pray into it. Some weeks you may find you spend only 5 minutes in prayer for the given topic. Other weeks you may spend an hour each day.. let the Lord lead you both in terms of what you pray and how much time you spend praying for the given target. Pay attention to what He shows you. Pay attention to "coincidences" He may bring in your life.. such as running into someone with similar prayer needs as the focus for the given week, etc.

You might want to get a little notebook and keep a prayer journal, noting the prayer topic of the week, any impressions or directions the Lord gives you for the topic, any divine conicidences He brings into your life related to what you are praying about, etc.

Again, please feel to dialogue on the prayer-school list about what God is teaching you regarding intercession as we do this corporate prayer project.

We hope you will find this next 6 to 8 weeks very exciting and powerful as you begin to explore being spirit led in praying for a specific prayer target.

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