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Author: Surpresa Sithole <surprise44@hotmail.com> www.irismin.org
Transcribers: Carol Harbaugh and Virginia Norris
Editors: Teresa Seputis and Kevin Nolan

Prayer-School Course #30

True Revival

By Surpresa Sithole

Lesson 5
Sink Yourself In His Blood

The time Moses was born was a very difficult time. Exodus 1:22 tells us, "So Pharaoh commanded all his people saying, 'Every son who is born you shall cast into the river and every daughter you shall save alive.'" That was the time Moses was born. They tried to tell the maidservants, "As you give birth, if you see a son, you have to immediately kill him." But the maidservants were scared of God, so they saved the boys. But then the Pharaoh said, "No, this is over. Now I am throwing in a new order. The new order is this: If you see a son, throw him into the river."

I was born in Africa and in Africa the rivers have big crocodiles. So I believe in that time, there would have been a lot of crocodiles in the River Nile that would eat the baby boys. And it was exactly at that time that Moses was born. It was a very difficult time.

So even though you are living in difficult times in which people don't think they need God, and in which people are against you, there is a purpose for that. Go deeper into His blood.

In chapter 2, a Levite woman became pregnant and she hid the pregnancy for nine months. She didn't want the people to know that she was pregnant because they would come later to see whether the baby born is a boy or a girl. That was a very difficult time for her. She could not go to the market because she was hiding the pregnancy. She could not go to the public places.

After nine months, she gave birth. Exodus 3:2 said, "But when she could no longer hide him, she took an ark and put asphalt and pitch and put the child in it and laid it in the reeds by the river bank." In other words, the child was born and she hid that baby for three months. If you count three months plus nine, it is twelve, that is the number of Israel. So when the three months were completed, she could no longer hide the baby because the number of months were over. Now she had to decide what to do. So she decided to make a basket. She put pitch on that basket inside and outside -- this pitch was that paint that Noah used in those days to paint the ark. It made the basket waterproof outside and inside.

So she made this basket, and painted it with tar inside and outside. She knew that the soldiers (e.g., the army, the police) were going to go to hunt for the babies. Every day they had a salary for that. They were paid to hunt for the babies to throw them into the river. So this lady asked herself, "What shall I do? Three months is over now." She knew they would eventually find her baby and take it to the river where other boys are thrown in, where there are crocodiles that eat the babies. She did not want her son thrown in without some type of protection.

So she decided to take her baby to that river (where there is a lot of crocodiles) to give up the baby. She went there and threw the basket with the baby in the river. and the basket started floating.

The crocodiles of Africa, what do they do? If they see you going in the river with the canoe, floating with a small canoe, they hit that canoe. They have long noses. They hit it a little bit. When they hit the canoe, the canoe goes up and then you jump into the water, and then they catch you. That is the strategy of the crocodiles in Africa. I believe the Egyptian crocodiles used the same strategy.

The crocodiles saw that basket floating. The crocodiles approached that basket and threw the baby into the air. The baby started crying louder. And as the baby cried louder, other crocodiles came because they heard the baby crying in the basket. But they were not able to open the basket to eat the baby.

The crocodiles came, because the more you cry about your problems, the more your problem increases. So I want to tell you, line up your problems and give them to the Lord. See them, but give them to the Lord.

Each of the crocodiles threw that basket into the air and the other crocodiles came and started playing basketball with it. After that, the basket was in the river for a while. Then the princess came and took the basket out of the water. So the baby was rescued and put into the palace to eat good food and to have a good education.

Hallelujah, Jesus is so good. He saved me from those land mines for His purpose: so that I can oversee 6000 churches in Mozambique. He saved me from the land mine so I can stand before you and say that He is alive. He is the King of Kings; He is the Lord of Lords. Sink yourself into the blood of Jesus. Then, just like Moses in the basket, you will say, "No weapon formed against me will prosper." Why? Because you will be under the blood of Jesus. Sink yourself in His blood.

Jesus is the king and He will take care of you just like He took care of Moses. Moses was safe in that basket. He said to the crocodiles, "You can play with me, but you can never catch me. You can try as hard as you can. You can play basketball with me, but you will never catch me." The crocodiles heard the cry of Moses, but never saw Moses. They saw the basket floating.

They will see your life, hear your crying, but they will never catch you. Sometimes the wind of sickness will come. Sink yourself in the blood. The wind of temptation may come. That is the time to sink yourself in the blood of Jesus. What does John say in the book of Revelation? John says, "They overcome with the blood of the Lamb and with the word of their testimony." The blood of Jesus speaks.

Why was the blood so important for the day of freedom when Moses was about to leave the land? Moses said, "I remember the blood. I was under the blood. So I command the Israelites to take the blood and put it on your doors. When the angel of death comes, he will slaughter the enemy, but will pass when he sees the blood." Moses remembered because he was sunk in the blood. He has to use this thing to have freedom. He had to use the blood of Jesus.

Claim the blood of Jesus over everything. How can you sink yourself in the blood of Jesus? You have to be thirsty for righteousness. The more you are thirsty, the more you sink in. The more you are hungry for God, the more you sink in. That is the only way.

Maybe you are feeling insecure. If so, you are not completely in the basket, in the blood. What if the legs of Moses were outside? They would have been eaten by the crocodiles. But Moses didn't allow himself to put his legs or arms outside the basket of the blood of Jesus. Maybe you are suffering. If there are areas in your life where you think you are not completely in the blood, now is the time to sink in completely.

Let's pray. Father we worship You. We give You glory, Lord. We give You honor and splendor and majesty. Good Lord, You are right here with us. Yes, Father, you are right here. Father, touch our bodies. Touch our bodies that are very far from Your blood. Pull them into Your blood. Pull them Oh God, in Jesus' name. Thank you, Lord. We worship You. We give you honor and glory, Lord.

We want to sink ourselves in Your blood tonight that when we go out from this place, no enemy will attack us. Nothing will attack us tonight in Jesus name. Oh, no problem will attack us. No demon will come and attack us. No sickness will come and attack us. Seal us, Oh God. Seal the basket, seal the ark of each and every one of our lives. Put us in Your ark, Oh God, in Jesus name. Amen.

It is time to go deeper into the Lord. It is time to immerse ourselves and baptize ourselves completely in His blood. We say, "Lord, bring us higher," and the Lord says, "Yes, as you go lower." That means you go deeper in being developed in what He has done in our behalf. The Lord is here to sink you deeper into Him. The spirit of revival is a spirit of passion for the Lord Jesus. Those who have a hunger for Him, the anointing of a greater hunger for Him is here for you now. Just ask God to give you a greater hunger and a passion for Him.

Maybe parts of you have been hanging out of the basket. Maybe there are areas of your life that have not been totally sunk in the blood. Ask the Lord to immerse all of you in Him. A lot of times when we say we want revival. And the Lord says, "This is it. It is about Me." It is about soaking and saturating in Him and what He has done.

We say, "Lord, I want the power--the signs and wonders." The Lord comes in power and heals and even raises the dead, but that is just to give opportunity to introduce people to Jesus, to let them know who is Lord. The revival is about a passion for the Lord, a passion for Jesus. Let the Lord do that in you. Let Him renew that passion for Him, to go deep in Him. You are a carrier of the anointing of God. You carry to the degree that you have that passion for Him.

So begin to hunger and thirst for more of the Lord and sink yourself into the blood of Jesus.

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