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Author: Surpresa Sithole <surprise44@hotmail.com> www.irismin.org
Transcribers: Carol Harbaugh and Virginia Norris
Editors: Teresa Seputis and Kevin Nolan

Prayer-School Course #30

True Revival

By Surpresa Sithole

Lesson 4
Living In His Power

When I gave my life to Jesus, I tried to contact my home. I found out that my mother, my sister, and my father had died the week that I left home. I tell you the truth, from the day I left home until today, I never have gone back to my village. I have not put my foot in that village. I am still pursuing His will. I am still pursuing His task. And I won't go back unless that voice comes to me a second time and tells me, "Surpresa, now is the time, go back and put your foot in your village." Then I will go back.

In Africa, families are very close to each other. So it should be extremely difficult for me to have lost my family like that. But God spoke to me from His word to encourage me. He quickened Mark 3:34-35 to me. It says, "Then Jesus looked at those seated in a circle around him and said, 'Here are My mother and My brothers! Whoever does God's will is My brother and sister and mother.'"

I have come to the conclusion that my mother, my sister and my brother are those who hear the word of God and practice it. So I don't worry and I don't care. Wherever I go, I find brothers; I find everybody. God is so good. He quickened that scripture to me to encourage me in my situation. When I read that verse, it encouraged my life. So I hope that this can encourage you too. So from there, the journey continues.

I went to Malawi where they speak Jejewa. Suddenly, I was speaking Jejewa the very day I arrived in Malawi. I never had studied it. I didn't know it, but I began speaking it fluently. I said, "Wow, God, what is this?" He said, "It is for you to speak to communicate with the people." So I was so very happy speaking Jejewa with the people. I was speaking before I started reading the Bible. I spoke about what I was seeing in heaven, what my experience was in heaven, and I told the people about Jesus. And the first day, 80 people came to the Lord.

My journey continues. After I finished my task in Malawi, the Lord said, "You have to go back to Mozambique, but not to your village. Go to your sister in Beyra." That was a very hard part of my life. I left my dear friend Gafari and I said good-bye to the church.

My friends all told me, "No, the war is so very hard in Mozambique. Don't go there. The war is very strong. You are going to die, and maybe they will draft you into the army." The people gave me a lot of stories and excuses not to go. I said, "No. If the Lord says I have to go, then I have to go."

When I arrived at the border, they said that there is no traffic going to Beyda City. "You have to be here until an escort comes to escort all the traffic to Beyda City." I stayed at the border for three days before the escort came. It was twenty trucks fully loaded with the army. In addition to that, there were a lot of civilian trucks. That convoy had many trucks. So we all jumped into the truck, and we started a journey from the border to Beyda City.

About forty miles (or 60 Kilometers) into the journey, the truck I was in hit a land mine. BOOM went the land mine, and the top of the truck was completely blown off the truck. It caught on fire. A few of us were thrown from the truck in the explosion. From my perspective, what I saw was the hand of a "man" coming reaching down from the air. That hand picked me up from the truck and put me right on the road. The majority of the people where not thrown from the truck and they burned to death in that fire.

The truck following behind us slammed on their brakes and screeched to a stop, only inches from where I was sitting in the road. They came very close to hitting me or running me over. But by God's grace, they stopped just in the nick of time.

The whole escort stopped and we picked up the dead bodies and piled them into the truck that was behind us in the convoy. Those of us who survived because had been thrown from the truck also went to the truck that was behind us. But the commander said, "This truck is overloaded. Some people must come out." I came out and along with two other guys. That truck we came out of drove about 600 meters and then it hit another land mine. The dead bodies died twice. But by God's grace, I was not killed by the land mines.

After that experience, I started hearing voices of people in my life crying my name. "Surpresa, Surpresa!" I started crying because it hurt so much. I missed these people and I felt lonely. The Lord promised to wipe away my tears.

I arrived in Tete, where they speak a different language. The good news is that as soon as I arrived, the Lord immediately gave me that language and I started communicating with the people. So from the day I gave my life to Jesus up to this very day, I speak 14 languages. I can't explain how I do that because it is a supernatural gift. The words and understanding came from the heart of the Father to my mind. How did it happen? As soon as I got to a certain place, I started to pick up that language.

How did the English come to my mouth? It came in 1990, when I decided to go to the Bible school in South Africa. The Bible school was in English. So when I arrived there, suddenly I was speaking in English! That is why I am able to communicate with you today. God is good.

Sink yourself in His blood. This time that we are living in is a good time to live. At times life can be difficult, but this is still a good time to be alive. Some people blame this time. People blame a lot of things. But I want to tell you that this time is the way it is by God's purpose. The time we are in gives us opportunities to overcome. That is a good thing. Jesus said in Revelation 2:17, "To him who overcomes, I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give him a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to him who receives it."

There is less to overcome in Africa. But here in the West, as you ask for much, there is more to overcome. Are you with me? In Africa, we just overcome the witch doctors, and witchcraft. But here you have to overcome a lot of things. You have a lot of distractions.

You asked for it, and then you have to overcome it. If you ask for a television, you have to overcome the television. If you ask for the internet, you have to overcome the internet. If you ask for a computer, you have to overcome the computer. You have so much because you ask so much. Then you have to overcome it. Each detail that you have, you need to overcome each detail. So if you can't overcome these things by yourself, just sink yourself in His blood. Let Him overcome them for you.

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