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Words for Febuary 2007

2-01-2007 "My Most Valued Possession", Submitted by Karen Lundquest []
2-02-2007 "Ascend To Zion", Submitted by Musa Opiyo []
2-05-2007 "Quickly, Submitted by Teresa Seputis []
2-06-2007 "If I Am The Potter, Submitted by Wendy Logan []
2-07-2007 "Move Higher, Submitted by Steven Bliss []
2-08-2007 "Revival, Submitted by Kathy Smith []
2-09-2007 "My Precious Child, Submitted by Rob Lillington []
2-12-2007 "Possess My Promises To You", Submitted by Teresa Seputis []
2-13-2007 "Stillness", Submitted by Jane Larsen []
2-14-2007 "Transitioning and Positioning", Submitted by Pat Damcott []
2-15-2007 "I Am Calling You Higher!", Submitted by Judy Bauman []
2-16-2007 "Womb of Affliction and Pain", Submitted by Nancy Smith
2-19-2007 "Do You Really Love Me?", Submitted by Teresa Seputis []
2-20-2007 "Come! Walk on Water!", Submitted by Judy Bauman []
2-21-2007 "Follow in My Footsteps", Submitted by Nan Smith []
2-22-2007 "The Basics", Submitted by Amy Freitas []
2-23-2007 "Be Obedient", Submitted by Colleen Vickers []
2-26-2007 "Trust That He Is Good", Submitted by Teresa Seputis []
2-27-2007 "Rely Solely On Me" Submitted by Linda Malino [>]
2-28-2007 "Step Out On The Impasse" Submitted by Rob Lillington []