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This word is submitted by Sharon Peterson (sharwaltson@navicom.com)


Get Ready

A man or a woman does not grow in Me unless they desire it and are willing to pursue it. Simply put, a man and woman do not come closer to each other unless they really pursue each other. Nor does man come to Me but with a longing in their heart. You can talk all day to someone about Me but if they do not wish to come closer to Me, it will be in vain. I put the longing in the hearts of those who do pursue Me. I know who will follow Me and who will pursue other things instead of Me. They chase after their own dreams of their minds and woe unto them for their destination is sure and it isn't going to be what they thought! So to choose to search and thirst and hunger after Me is truly the only way to peace while you are on the earth.

You see, the earth is the soil which is your garden. So while you are on the earth you plant things in your lives which will last or the things which only last for a season, such as a crop of vegetables. Hear what I am saying to you.

Plant while you are on this earth the things that will last. Spend time cultivating those things of Me, instead of the things that will go out of season or are able to be burnt. Plant, while you are on the earth, the things that will give you nourishment and food for eternal life. Pursing Me is the only thing that will last for eternity.

Spending time with Me, in your spirit will give you an abundant life and you will reap treasures that will not burn. Letting Me be a part of your days will bring you that nourishment and strength. Tuning in to Me will grow in you and you will be a well planted garden of the things that last. The things that one pursues, that do not pertain to Me are death and decay. Be as the virgin who has enough oil.

Be ready at all times. I shall reveal to you the things that choke your garden of Life. Take them out, as you pull weeds from a garden and grow only things of eternal value.

My dear ones, I have chosen you to worship and walk in My presence, as I did Adam and Eve. I take delight in your love and your wish to walk beside Me. The things of the world have often come between us and now it is time for you to follow your heart towards Me for the rest of your time upon the earth, for soon you shall be with Me in heaven. Make yourself ready for the day of our Marriage. Prepare yourself by walking in My presence in the Holy Spirit and then you shall be ready to walk with Me in what is true REALITY. For that will be the true reality, for the earth you are on now, is just the garden; that is, the preparation place for you. For soon, the horn will blow and it will be heard all over the land. Tell My people to get ready. Prepare themselves as a bride does for her bridegroom so they are not found lacking anything for the wedding and the honeymoon and the lasting marriage. This shall be soon and My people need to have oil in their lamps. They need to be flowing with Me in My Spirit so that they are ready. This world shall pass away and then will come the new earth and the new heaven. Their soil now needs to be tended so they are walking in the cool of the evening with The Master Gardener without shame or guilt, for not taking care of "their" garden.

There needs to be a "wake-up" call in the land. The Groom is coming soon, is the Bride ready? Evening is almost here. Everyone can tend their own gardens and be ready if they want that which is perfect and in order. I will be looking at each individual garden! Each one is responsible for their own garden. Tell them to till their own soil and take out the weeds and make ready for the fruit to come for it is Spring now, but harvest is coming and then the winter. Prepare the way for the Lord, each of you. Watch for the weeds that spring up and take them out immediately, so the garden is free of contaminates. Put to death that which is harmful and will spoil the harvest. Each day is the day to take care of the things that will bring death to a plant and to the soil in your hearts towards Me. Each one must work in their own gardens and be ready.

Get ready, I say to all! Nothing is worth the pleasures of sin, though it may seem good at the time. If you want to see Me, you must take out those things which are weeds in your gardens. Today is the day of salvation, not tomorrow. As each thing you allow, that is not of Me, takes roots, it will spoil the vine. Take heed for your Master cometh! Do not fear those who can take your (physical)life but fear the One who is the giver of eternal life.

I AM THE KING OF GLORY and I want My Bride ready. I desire a Bride who has a pure heart for Me. A divided heart is a spoiled heart and will not desire ME. I will spew out the divided ones. I AM THE LOVING FATHER but also, the JUST FATHER.