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Date: Jan 27, 2006

This word is submitted by Claudia Mondesire (CMondesire@aol.com)



Recovery! I said, recovery
of all that has been lost or stolen!
I will take you out of the bondage that has held you back.
I will cause your heart to beat with Mine.
I will give you more than you asked for.
I will give you a new mind, a mind that does not stray.
Keep your hands on the plow, do the work I've called you to do.
In times of discouragement, encourage yourself,
you belong to the King.
I have set you apart for My service.
I Am taking you out of the Lion's den.
Remember the power you have belongs to Me;
that power will be used for My Glory.
You have not yet tapped into the anointing I have given you.