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Date: Jan 26, 2006

This word is submitted by Steven Bliss (godsfire@woh.rr.com)


                              I Am The Fire

I am the fire and I express Myself in many ways.  I am the fire that did
not consume the bush.  My ways are to draw you aside to Me.  So turn aside
and see if I am not calling you to a new level of relationship.

I am a pillar of fire that offers direction in times of darkness.  I am high
and lifted up so that all who would look for Me can clearly see where and
when I am moving.

I am the fire visible on Sinai.  I am found in the mountains of testing.
Are you willing to take time to search My ways?  My glory is awesome, and
you shall receive instruction from within My fire.

I am the fire.  I express Myself to My people who call upon My name.
No enemy will mock My name.  I am a consuming fire that destroys impurity
bold enough to approach Me in ways I have not sanctified.

I am the fire.  I go before My people so that your pathway is clear.  There
is no mistake to My leading.  My enemies will be destroyed.  I will burn
the gates of the proud and haughty.  I am the fire of purity.  I bring purity
to those who seek Me with their whole heart.  I am the fire of protection
for those who walk in My ways.  I am the flame that comes as tongues of fire
upon those who wait for Me.

I have released My fire into each one, so that you might lead the way to My
holiness.  I am the fire past. I am the fire present and future.  Seek My Son.