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Date: Jan 30, 2006

This word is submitted by Teresa Seputis (ts@godspeak.org)


                         I Will Make A Way

Child, do not be discouraged by your present difficulties, for I will
make a way for you in the midst of them.  Yes, I have promised that you
will have tribulation in this world, but I have also told you that I have
already overcome this world.*  I will overcome in your case as well.

I know that things can seem overwhelming at times.  There are times when
you feel that you can't keep on holding on and you just want to give up.
I will strengthen you in those times, child of Mine, for you are precious
to Me.  Remember that the way things appear is not always the way they
really are.  Things will often look out of control or helpless from man's
perspective, because I don't show My children all that I am doing.  Know
that I am always at work in your circumstances, to turn them to My glory,
just as I have promised in My word.**

Child, I often choose not to show you all that I am doing behind the scenes.
The reason for that is because I want to train to walk in faith and trust.
I want you to know deep down in your innermost being that I am trustworthy
and I want you to place your trust fully in Me.  Do you know how it blesses
Me when you know that you don't have a solution to a serious problem, yet
you choose to trust Me and to allow Me to coat you in My peace?  Child,
that type of trust is so precious to My heart and I will not fail those who
trust in Me.  I am faithful and I will demonstrate My faithfulness to you
over and over again.

Yes, I will do it in My way and in My timing.  And yes, My way and My
timing are often different than what you expect, but I say to you that they
are perfect and they are right.  My way is higher than yours.  I have told
you that in My word many times.***  Let Me explain what I mean by that.
You know only what you perceive and see and hear and experience, but I know
every dimension of everything that is going on in your situation. I know the
spiritual forces that are at work against you and what strategies they are
taking. I know what the future holds; the things that you cannot anticipate
will not catch Me by surprise.  I even know the innermost workings of your
heart: where you need to be healed, where you need to be challenged and
where you need to be matured.  Child of Mine, I take every one of these
factors into consideration when I choose My perfect strategy and timing to
work on your behalf and to bring My glory to your life.

I am not going to abandon you in your difficulties and I am not going to
leave you in the lurch. I cannot do that to My own dear children, for that
goes against My very nature and I cannot operate contrary to My own nature.
There are many aspects to My nature. You know some of them better than you
know others. I am holy. I am loving. I am truth and I am righteous. But I
am also faithful and dependable and trustworthy.  And it is My desire that
My dear children learn how fully I am trustworthy so that they can put the
full measure of their trust in Me.  It blesses Me so much when you do that,
child of Mine, when you put your full trust in Me.

Child, when you are in difficulty, I will make a way for you. It may not be
exactly what you expect, for your expectations are often flawed or marred. 
But it will be a perfect way and it will be for your good. Yes, I will bring 
My glory into your life as you trust in Me, for I am faithful and I am
trustworthy.  Yes, child, I will make a way for you.

* John 16:33
** Romans 8:28
*** Isaiah 55:9, Job 11:8