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Date: Jan 25, 2006

This word is submitted by Priscilla Cupp (priscilla@klefcu.com)


                 Do Not Give Up Your Hope

For so long, you have read the promises of God, and you have wanted to
believe, but it seems they wait. They seem to take their time to perform
and for the Word of God to be made alive. But, wait you must. The promise
will come true because it has been spoken out of the mouth of God.

With God one day is as a thousand years. So, we judge time a lot
differently than the Lord. We must learn to be patient. We must cling to
the hope of the scriptures. Though it seems like it tarries, wait for it,
it will still come.

If you give up hope, then it is your first step away from trusting in the
Lord. He wants you to cling to your hope and watch and wait for how He
will fulfill His Word in your life. You are not alone, and it is not too
late. Satan would try to steal your precious life from you, but you must
take a stand and continue to hope in the Word of the Lord. Your promise is
true. Your promise is real. Your hope is what will see you through because
we are living in a world that wants to have no hope.

We have a greater calling and purpose in our lives than we can understand.
It is time for us to cling to the promises and be faithful in our hope of
the Lord. He desires our trust and love in Him more than anything.