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Date: Jan 24, 2006

This word is submitted by Judy Bauman (rivermistlighthouse1@comcast.net)


                       I Am Your Security Blanket

Recently, I was flying home from a conference, and a child sitting two or
three seats in front of me was really upset and crying.  I felt I was to
press in and pray for him.  He cried out in a loud voice, "I want my
blankie!"  When he said this, I heard the Lord say...

"As a child cries because he is afraid of being in the unfamiliar surroundings
of a plane, and agitation sets the stage for an uncomfortable ride, he reaches
for what he knows.  He reaches for something that makes him secure when the
lights are out and he's all alone.  He cries for his mother to give him a
blanket. Not just any blanket--his blankie!"

"I Am your security blanket," says the Lord, your God.  "Reach for Me in
times of distress and I will wrap My warmth around you.  I will wrap My love
securely around you and you need not fear."

"Hard times come and hard times go, but I remain the same yesterday, today
and forever.  Remember My servant's word in Psalm 91 and abide in Me and you
will be secure."