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Basic Foundations

by Donna Cox

Originally from: Donna Cox <Saintdrc@aol.com>

Originally dated: 3 Nov. 1998

God showed me something tonight. Something that grieved me very much. Something I wish I had not seen. Yet I know remains the truth.

He showed me a woman sitting in front of a vanity table. She was in total disarray, and as I looked further I understood, she had been trying on various articles of beautiful clothing. The woman seated before the mirror was dressed only in a tattered and torn slip ... one that was not even clean.

I said, "Lord why are you showing me this?" He let me know the woman was his Bride.

Then God told me the things that broke my heart. I "knew" them, ... but it is very different to actually have the Lord, himself, make it known unto you, in this manner.

God pointed out the woman's clothing. How tattered, torn, and dirty it was. He told me her clothing represented her character, and that she had been trying on the various articles of clothing scattered around her, but they did not fit. They did not fit, because her undergarments were so poor. The woman became increasingly frustrated because nothing was working, yet she kept trying on clothes without changing her undergarment. She did not seem to comprehend "why," the clothes would not fit.

Then the Lord let me know that we, his beloved bride, are sadly lacking in the basics ... The undergarments ... the foundations. Lacking in character, such as integrity, honor, loyalty, humility, and chastity. At that point I experienced a profound sorrow ... One that almost robbed me of breath. I knew the Lord had allowed me to experience a portion of his sorrow, as He looks upon us, as we struggle to take care of the "outward appearance," without taking care of the basic foundational issues first.

The Lord let me know that He is "now" shaking the foundational garments of every minister, soon it will be every believer ... and the first things being shaken are the things that make up our character.

His servant ~ Donna

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