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Stirring Pot

by Ching Co

Originally from: Ching Co <ching@cebumail.com>

Originally dated: 7 Nov. 1998

Dear wonderful people of God,

Shalom and greetings from all of us here in the Philippines.

This morning, I was meditating over the events of the past weeks feeling tired for we (some lay leaders from our church) are in the midst of "words attack" and very anxious about having to go through another sad experience that we went through two years ago when our church was split..I was pouring out my heart to God and asking Him to intervene for it has been too much, the pressures, the pains, etc. etc..

At this stage, I saw this vision..initially I thought that it was only intended for our "own church situation" but when I was meditating about it, the Lord impressed in my heart that it is for a bigger audience..

So people of God, please pray about this message and if it also speaks to your heart...LET US REJOICE TOGETHER KNOWING THAT ALL THAT HAS HAPPENED IN OUR MIDST IS THE WORK OF THE SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD.


I saw a big pot that was being stirred and I saw all the ingredients floating round and round in a circle, never having had the chance of settling down at the bottom of the pot. I was reminded of my mother's instruction that when I am cooking any porridge, the secret for tastiness is in the stirring..the more that you stir it, the more flavour will break out and it will taste much better than an unstirred porridge..

As I was focusing on this scene for quite some time, I can literally smell the food and I was also sensing a big gentle smile coming from the Father as I was watching this vision..


The big pot symbolize our life, our family, our church and many other things..and for this season...God by His Holy Spirit has been stirring and stirring. This process of stirring is not pleasant at all for nothing is still and nothing is hidden...all will be forced out to the surface to be dealt with.

But then it was explained to me that yes, we may feel that the enemy is attacking us because we see so many events unfolding which seem to be the work of the enemy: like "division", "confusion", "hurt", "pain", "disappointment" and such other emotions that are not pleasant at all...But it is the Lord stirring up all these feelings to the surface to be dealt with by us honestly and squarely in the face.

Also, that the season of the stirring is to remove complacency in our life and the body...for nothing ever gets to settle in the bottom of the pot while it is being stirred... for it is dangerous when it does get settled...the ingredients will get scourged and will be destroyed and no longer eatable..so the stirring continues...by the Spirit of God.

Also, we must not avoid pain in the process for pain is good...it shows that something is alive and there will be life that will flow out from that pain, IF WE CHOOSE TO HANDLE IT PROPERLY..when we feel no emotions at all, it is dangerous just like leprosy when everything is numb...but when there is pain..it is good...it is good...something is being stirred up from within..


" My people and My beloved, do not be surprised at anything that is taking place in your lives and in your family and in your church and in your community at this time....for I AM DOING A WONDERFUL THING...I have started something and I will surely bring it to completeness...FOR I AM GOD AND NOT MAN...

" My children, do not be afraid of the emotions that are coming out to the surface...deal with them in a positive way.. YOU HAVE MY WORD IN YOUR HEARTS. NOW IS THE TIME TO BRING THEM OUT FOR ACTUAL APPLICATION AND USE.

" Yes, you will try to struggle, you will try to react, you will want to be proven right...for I know you are right...but My children...there are many things more important than being right..there is Loving others despite the pain, giving in to someone for the sake of unity, giving up your right for the benefit of another, extending the extra miles to one another, giving the other cheek when you have been insulted, sacrificing your comfort for the sake of others, sharing your blessings with the oppressed one..

" Yes, I am breaking your heart not for evil BUT for a greater good for you are like a bottle of expensive perfume and now, I am breaking the lid so that the aroma that comes from within will be released and people all around you will smell it and will be drawn to the source..

" I am the source of your life, your love, your grace, your patience, your forgiveness, your all and all, and as you release more and more of these IN THE MIDST OF TRIALS AND TESTING AND DIFFICULTY, the scent is stronger, the aroma is more captivating...and more will be drawn to Me through you..

" I am stirring up My people, I am stirring up within you All that can be stirred up...but it is for My purpose, it is for my Plan, it is for My Preparation...

" Do not be afraid...do not panic...For I am here with you...

" Soon, this time will be over...and great will be the joy that will flow out from your heart...and great will be the blessing that will flow from your hands..and great will be the work that will come out of these times.


" People of God, pray for us here in our church that ALL THE PEOPLE WILL RESPOND TO GOD'S STIRRING AND WILL NOT RESIST HIS WORK..I know that He is in control yet I feel that we still have to persist in intercession..for I feel many hearts are in pain, many are in confusion, many have questions, and some seem to be struggling , some seem to be resisting...Please pray for us!!!

I love you all in the Lord...thank you for all your encouragement and confirmations...


Sis. Ching Co
Word for the World Christian Fellowship
Cebu City, Philippines

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