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God's Army

by Ching Co

Originally from: Ching Co <ching@cebumail.com>

Originally dated: 30 Oct. 1998

Dear Brethren,

Yesterday, I received a vision with some impressions which is for a special group of people.

THESE MESSAGES ARE FOR THE SERVANTS OF GOD WHO ARE IN THE FOREFRONT OF THE BATTLE. By that I am referring to missionaries, pastors, full-time workers and others who are directly involved in church planting and church administration and works.

Please pray and discern all these for me...and my prayer is that may the Lord grant each and everyone to whom these messages are intended great joy and blessings even as you pray and discern them too.

This was the vision:

I saw an army which has just come back from a great battle. Many of them look so tired and weary from the look of their faces, the limpness of their arms and the clothes that they are wearing..Most of them were dragging their feet and their heads were bowed down..

Then I saw the King meet them at the gate of the castle. The king came with open arms and he was trying to cheer his men. When they entered the castles, they found out that the king has prepared a great feast for them. I saw a lot of servants going back and forth preparing the tables and I found foods, wines, new and fresh changes of clothes and even music all around.

These servants immediately run towards the tired and weary army and welcome them gently and encouraged them to take the food and try to rest and regain their strength.

Somehow, dispite all these welcoming sights, something seems to still be bothering the returning army. And this is what I saw...

The returning army was feeling depressed because they were thinking that their time of service is over, because they saw in another part of the castle, another army group (younger and more charged) were ready to go into battle. This second group have with them new weapons and more sophisticated ones..And this is what was really burdening the first group..They were thinking in their hearts and minds that the king no longer needed their services and have replaced them with a younger and stronger army for the work of the kingdom.

At this point, I can see that the king was smiling and shaking his head gently...for he knew that this is not so, and thus he began to explain...and these are the words that I received..

" My children, my most wonderful children.. come and take your place for a while. See, I have prepared a great feast for you and many things to refresh you for I know that the battles that you have faced have been fierce..to many of you the journey has also been long...so come now into the King's Chamber and be my special guests."

" My children, do not let your hearts be weary for I have no intention whatsoever of replacing you. YOU ARE INDISPENSABLE IN MY KINGDOM. For you are the ones that hold the life and the wisdom...Yes, I am sending another group out at this time and season and the anointing that they hold is different from what you are holding..But the boisterous noises, the excitements, the seeming attention and fanfare at their coming are part of the attraction that I have prepared. I am trapping my people outside to come in, I am drawing them in by works of miracles, and powers and might.."

" But my children, after this show..the hard work will begin...and this is where I need your help. Nothing can ever replace what has been sowed in your hearts and minds. Your wisdom, your insights, your touch, your compassion, your gentleness, your expertise, your deep understanding of My words and My character will be crucial at this time. For without your touch, what has initially been drawn in will die and will be lost and will never be able to grow into maturity."

" Rest for a while my children, I Am refreshing you at this time.."

" Come and enjoy My presence, Let me pour down new oil upon your head."

" Let me bind those wounds in your body and allow me to put healing balm in them."

" Let us discuss new plans and strategy for coming days."

" I am not yet finished with any of you. YOU ARE MY MOST VALUED COMMANDERS. And even this young army needs the patience and guidance that comes only with age and experience. Nothing can replace these qualities. Not power, not miracles, not supernatural manifestation. For there is never any shortcut to growth.."

" My children, you have sowed so much and you will reap much more. I will surely see to it that your eyes will see the glory of My reaping.."

" And you will know, and you will realize that I value you all and I treasure all the hard works that you have done for My kingdom."

" They are for an everlasting planting that can never be uprooted."

Brethren, I pray that even as you read this, the Holy Spirit will also impart such joy and peace and wisdom upon your hearts and minds.

In His Service,
Sis. Ching Co
Word for the World Christian Fellowship
Cebu City, Philippines.

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