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Another Log on the fire

by Patricia Persons

Originally from: Patricia Persons <mpp@proaxis.com>

Originally dated: 29 Oct. 1998

I felt God is saying, there are many experiencing the fire and testing of the Lord.

Keep our focus on Me, for as I put in the fuel (logs) for the burning of the flesh and the sinful nature in you, I am purging and chastening those that I love..... do not be afraid of this, but trust in My grace to keep you.. for I am purifying you of the "tendencies" to judge others when you have a log in your own eye....and it will be uncomfortable, as it will be exposed and others will see.

But, do not be discouraged as you see the smoke curling up into My face, and do not think that you are displeasing to Me in this process... for I am the one who initiated this process, and I am the one who will carry it through to completion. I will purge you until you think there is nothing left but ashes, all your dreams and aspirations will seem all but lost, but remember the times when you thought you could never be perfected? Remember those times when you felt like a hopeless case? That is not the case with My children, I am calling you to draw near as you can to Me during these times, for it is imperative that you be near to My heart, to be assured of My love for you..

There are times when you feel lost, but never think I am disillusioned with you, for I see the beginning from the end, and I am going to give you beauty for your ashes, and you will be the glorious Bride that I promised to My Son....I am doing it! Do not be discouraged or dismayed for I am always with you, and will always be there for your strengthening and encouragement...

I am drawing you into My presence, to pour out on you My love overflowing, that will captivate your heart and transform you into that which you never thought possible.

In Him,

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