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God's Love

by Andrew Combe

Originally from: Andrew Combe <JonCombe@aol.com>

Originally dated: 5 Sept. 1998

Dear all,

Greetings to you in the name of our most precious Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ !!

I received this word today (5th September 1998) and I believe the Lord would like me to share this with you.

Every blessing to you !!

Word : God's People

My heart is full - full of love and compassion !
My eyes are full - full of tears !
Why do you not trust Me ?
Have I not shown you time after time that I am your provider ?
In those times you did not acknowledge Me, but I provided !
I always provide for My children !
Even when you are at your limit - I provide you with everything you need !

Why do you fret, My beloved ?
Why do you question Me ?

Stop, look and listen !
Stop what you are doing and be still, and know that I am God !
Look at My love for you !
Look at My abundant blessings that are there . . . FOR YOU !
Most of all, Listen !
Listen to My voice !
I will instruct, direct and guide your every movement !
Listen to My voice, O children !

I am all you need !
Why go searching into the world for comfort, peace and assurance !?!

Look to Me for everything !
Whatever you need - I know you need !!

Stop trying to solve your problems with your mind - use your heart !
I have given your heart faith !
Faith in Me will produce !
It will produce all you need !
It will provide all you need !
It will supply all you need !

Your heart is precious to Me !
Give Me your heart, mind, body and soul !
I want your all !
Only then can I provide for all your needs !

Why do you curse and rebuke Me when you see nothing happen ?
You say " Oh my Lord, why have you forsaken Me ?"
You, who are spineless and wither when temptation comes, I am with you always !!

You do not receive, for you ask for your own gain, and not to glorify Me !
I will not allow that !!
Ask with a pure heart !
Ask Me and I will provide !

I see your heart !
You can not hide your motives for I see ALL !!

You can not ask with pride and greed because I will not give !
You can not seek with a self-righteous attitude and motive because you will not find !
You can not knock with jealousy and sin because I will not open !

Oh, My people, when will you listen ?
My love for you is so strong !
Nothing can break it !

Why do you question My love ?

I pray that this speaks to your heart as it did mine !!

Yours in Christ,

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