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Corporate Anointing

by Teresa Seputis

Originally from: Teresa Seputis <TeresaS@xc.org>

Originally dated: 3 Sept. 1998

Hi. The Lord gave me this word today, during the IRC activation group. I felt it was for the whole prophetic-school list, not just for the activation group, so I am sending it to the whole school...


I am bringing you up.. all of you
Never think that you do not need each other
for the anointings I release are corporate anointings
I have been knitting you together
and releasing anointing among you
and as you stand together in unity
I stand with you
and I move with you
and I empower you
and I release My anointng on the group
and use each to minister to the other
For have I not said that they will know you are My disciples
by your love for one another?
Do not isolate yourself
Do not condemn your brethern
For if you walk away from the body
You also walk away from My plans
and you walk away from My anointing
and you walk away from My blessing
Do you want to go deeper in Me?
Do you want to walk in greater depths of My power?
Then love one another as I have commanded you.
For you cannot be in intimacy with Me
and carry ought against your brother
You cannot hear My voice and touch My heart
and have bitterness towards your sister.
If you would like to continue to move in this anointing
and see it increase in your life
then allow Me to knit you together with your brethren
For I desire My children to walk together in unity
and when you do such, I will pour out My anointing on you
But if you fight amongst yourselves,
if you judge yourself superior to your brethren
Then I will begin to lift the level of gifting that you walk in
for I pour out corporate anointings on My body
I am not looking for superstars
I am not looking for gifted ones or tallented ones
(For you can do nothing apart from Me)
I am looking for those who set their hearts after Me
and walk in obedience to Me
And have I not commanded you to love one another?
Walk in that love
become one in Me
allow Me to knit you together in unity
And you will see My power go forth
and you will see My anointing flow
and your spirit will rejoice!

- teresa

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