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by Donna Cox

Originally from: Donna Cox <Saintdrc@aol.com>

Originally dated: 5 Sept. 1998

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Sometimes we receive messages from the Lord that seem so simple, so elementary, we hesitate to share them. I encourage you to share the simple messages, as well as the profound ones, because nothing God has to say is insignificant. NOTHING!

Here is the simple message I received this morning while spending time with the Lord.

Listen children......
   Listen for my voice...
      Listen, for I have much to share with you, much to impart...

Yes, I know you are busy, but how do you expect to "get every thing done" without the directions?

..."What do you mean Lord?" you ask.

I'm glad you asked, it means I now have your attention, and this pleases me greatly.
....(I sensed the Lord smiling here)

Many of you, are doing things I have not asked you to do, and calling it me. Many of you, are so busy with personal tasks, you have forgotten to spend time with me... And many of you, have just plain been overwhelmed, yet children, there is no need for you to be! I am the giver of the directions ... yet most forget to seek me, then wonder..."Why isn't it working?"

Children, come and listen, while I show you a trap set for many of you. The name of this trap is "busy-ness." Some of you have forgotten, the steps of a righteous man are ordered, and that I am the one who orders them. The one with the directions. Therein lies the danger, because "busyness" sets itself up to order your steps. Busy-ness desires to separate you from me.

Children, in this time and season I desire to prosper you. I desire the things you give yourself to, "shall work." So, I am calling you to do your part.

      "What is that Lord?" you ask. "What is our part?"

Ahhh again, I see that I have your attention, and once again this pleases me. Your part is simply to seek me....to listen for my voice ... to lay aside your own personal plans ... your own personal agendas ... your own personal schedules, and seek my plans for you.

      I promise you it will work!

His servant, Donna

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