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God's People

by Andrew Combe

Originally from: Andrew Combe <JonCombe@aol.com>

Originally dated: 31 Aug. 1998

Dear all,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ !

I received this word tonight and I believe it will bless and encourage you as it did me. The Lord is so good !! He justs wants us to trust him 100% !! He will never let us down, He is always with us !! Please allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you as you read this.

Every blessing to you,

Word - God's People 31st August 1998

This is the last day of this month !
September is the time of change !
My goodness will supercede all that you have witnessed before !
If you prepare your hearts and seek Me first, then I'll reward you with riches from heaven !

Oh, My people, listen carefully to all My words !
Time is of the essence !

You need to prepare and consecrate yourselves now . . . today is the day !
Do not miss My blessings !
Draw near to Me and I will draw near to you !
Obey and heed all My words and you will be blessed !

What is prosperity ?
Riches, glory and having sufficient enough to go through your life !
NO !
My prosperity is pure !
My prosperity is abundant !

Yes, riches are My blessing to you, but do not look to them !
My prosperity will be abundant grace, favour, peace, strength, signs and wonders, and riches !
My riches will far outweigh, any natural means you may turn to for help !
Seek Me for your help !



No more shall you gamble your money away !
Give to Me and I will abundantly bless you and your children !

My prosperity will continue !
It will never run dry !

Bills, debts; I will bring financial restoration !
Ill health and sickness; I will bring divine health !

Have you lost all hope ?
Look at Me !
I am here . . . always !

Why do you lose heart and murmur against, and to, your situations ?
I will be your provider if you only turn your all to Me !
Give Me your life; I want so much to bless you; but you don't trust Me !
My heart is saddened at this !
Give your all to Me !
I promise to meet all your needs with abundance !

Why run your lives in unhappiness and want ?
I want so much to touch your whole life, if you would open your heart to Me !

My people, I do love you !
You are My treasure !
You are My heart !
I am all you need !
Seek Me and you will not lack !

Listen, your God has spoken !
Will you surrender your all to Me ?
Will you yield all you have to Me ?
My grace is sufficient for all your needs !

Turn to Me and lay aside your personal wants and lusts !
They do not please Me and I will not tolerate any sin !
Get rid of it and cleanse yourselves - repent and fall on your face before Me !
I will forgive you and save your life from harm !

100% is what I want !
Anything else is disobedience !
Think; I have given you a command, what will you do ?

My desire is that you enter My Holy of Holies to be blessed !
Come and embrace My goodness !
There is plenty for all !

Get ready - change now !
Heed My words and do not be caught sleeping !
You will miss My blessings if you do not let Me in and rule completely !

I have spoken - heed My words !
The Lord thy God has spoken !

Yours in Christ,

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