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by Steve Lincoln

Originally from: Steve Lincoln <Slcongas@aol.com>

Originally dated: 17 Jun. 1998

Dear All,

As I was praying in the cathedral in Chester today, God gave me a vision -

I saw different people holding onto various packages.

A great wind came and blew upon the people.

Some struggled to hold onto their packages, and dropped them. They then fought against the wind and tried to pick up their packages.

Others allowed the wind to take them, and they willingly dropped their packages as the wind lifted them up and bore them away.

After praying over what God was showing me, He then spoke the following to me -

"I am causing a great wind to blow across the nations, the wind of My Holy Spirit.

This wind is shaking the earth, both My church and those outside are feeling the effects as the wind increases in strength.

The purpose of this wind is to shake My church out of its apathy and lethargy, and to shake off those things from My church which are unhealthy.

I am shaking off the old fruit, so that the new fruit may come forth. The old fruit has dried up and can no longer feed the people, but the new fruit that I will cause to grow will be for the feeding of the nations.

Do not be stubborn and fight against the shaking, instead allow Me to shake off those dead fruits. The sooner that the dead fruit is gone, the sooner the new fruit will grow.

The old fruit is your own ideas and attitudes, agendas and programs that have been handed down to you or that have worked before, but they will not survive the shaking that I am sending right now.

The new fruit may appear strange to you at first, you may even question whether it is from Me. I say to you that I am doing a new thing in the earth, and the fruit that I will cause to grow will feed many, many people all over the earth.

This fruit is for the healing and salvation of the nations, and it will never grow old or dry up.

Those who are hungry will come and eat of this fruit and be satisfied, and you My people will be the branches.

Do not attempt to quench what I am doing in these days because you cannot understand it with your natural minds, only trust in Me.

I will share My plans with those that I can trust, plans for people, cities and nations, and I will share My strategies with those who earnestly seek My face.

Again I tell you that the church in the end days will not resemble what it does today, for I am doing a new work.

I am breathing My Spirit upon the earth in a way never seen before, and I am calling My Bride to prepare herself.

Come into My inner chambers and let Me show you what must soon take place. Spend time in My presence and become all that you are called to be.

As those in the world look upon the church, they will begin to see a change come over it, and will hunger for what the church has.

I will cause the supernatural anointing of My Holy Spirit to flow wherever people allow Me to move unhindered. You will stand in amazement at the miracles that will flow in all denominations, and I will cause a deep and lasting unity to come upon My church. From out of this unity will come My Bride - the true expression of My Body.

Do not kick against what I am doing, but humble yourselves and seek My face, and you will see the nations and the church changed for My glory."

May God bless you all mightily,

Steve Lincoln.

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