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Will You Pay the Price ?

by Jim Mellard

Originally from: Jim Mellard <JMellard@aol.com>

Originally dated: 15 Jun. 1998

Hi everyone:

This word was given at the AOL Thursday night group..Felt that it was germane to the Bride. Hope it blesses..


I hear the Lord saying:

I am training My army now for the battle that we are to fight. I have called many people, many have chosen not to pay the price... Will you pay the price for the work to be done?

I am going to empower My people as never before with the authority to rule over the seasons, the times and the enemy. Will you be one of the warriors, will you pay the price?

The time is short, even now you can see the changes that I am causing. Seek Me and I will not only show you what I am about to do, I will use you to do it.

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