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The Fire of God

by Steve Sobozenski

Originally from: Steve Sobozenski <WDER@wder.com>

Originally dated: 27 Jun. 1998

This was something that the Lord gave me this morning. May it be a blessing to the list.

My fire is here
don't just be satisfied with being near

jump into My Holy fire
and I'll intensify your desire

some say it's just too hot
if you want more of Me, it's not

You will see the fire come in different ways
watch for Me, even in what may seem to be ordinary days

I am making ready a people
that will be distinguishable

you will radiate My fire
as you hear and come up higher

You have said with your heart
fill me , fill me, so i can do my part

for you to do what I have called you to
will take My fire going through and through

don't fear My fire, run to it
My fire will make you a better conduit

As you trust Me and walk through the fire
you will come through with a purified desire

walk in My fire and you'll pray with fire
some have stood on the edge and been in the mire

but you are ready for more
as My fire burns, watch for what's in store

you have seen Me do awesome things
but nothing compared to what My fire brings

are you ready for the fire and the glory?
then get ready to see the unfolding of an awesome story

you have cried out for more of My presence
and that's good, but now you will cry out for glory so dense

you will manifest Me
you will walk in total victory

only as you let My fire burn
yes, I am saying it's your turn

know this as well
My fire you can tell

for My fire will destroy
that which is bad, the enemies' ploy

don't let the flesh rise up now
you're so close, stay in the spirit I'll show you how

as you walk in My fire
you walk in such power over the liar

what I am doing is too hot to handle
If you don't let Me hold the candle

Rejoice for what I do is grand
watch diligently and you'll see My hand

Even now My fire is ready to bring clarity
you will walk in new light, it won't be a rarity

so once again hear what I say
this is your season...now is your day!!!

steve sobozenski
derry, NH

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