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A Season of Plenty

by Psalm139

Originally from: Psalm139 <barnabas@execulink.com>

Originally dated: 8 Jun. 1998

Hello friends,

As I was interceding last week the Holy Spirit came to me as a Dove. Since then... Every time I enter into His Presence, there I sense so strong the Dove right there with me.

This morning the Lord took me into powerful intercession. I went deep with tears and groanings. He kept saying "deeper child, deeper child," comforting me and assuring me of my safety and His Loving Presence. In that deep place I saw a grave...It was dark and death was underneath the freshly dug soil. The Lord said to me "Say goodbye to death and the grave" So I did, and I was taken out of the graveyard and into His wonderful light!! Then the Lord said "Go now and share this word I am about to give to you...for death my child has lost it's hold on many, and I am intent on resurrecting them all".

Here is the Word the Lord then spoke to me.....

"Hear Today what the Lord says, I have established my purpose on the earth this day, and I say to you all my children, my faithful ones, This day is a day of rejoicing! Yes even a day of victory! In the heavenlies there has been war, tremendous battle. Many of my secret listeners, and my watchmen have known because they have been close in battle and I have shown them what has been taking place. Many of my secret hearers are also listening to my voice of victory as I speak into their hearts that the plan of the enemy has been abolished and I the Lord, Your deliverer have delivered you! Enjoy now my little ones, the feast that is before you, I have fought for you, and so I celebrate with You because we are one and I love you. Many of you will want to lay down, sleep and quench what my Spirit desires for you. Don't give in to the flesh my children, rise up I say! Rise up! The heavenlies are now filled with rain, the earth will be watered and those who are watching and waiting will receive this fresh pouring out of my Spirit. So watch and wait, rise up and rejoice, because there in that place of celebration you will find gold, pure gold radiating my light pouring down in your midst becoming secure in you. Yes, Your Father is so glad this day, I am giving to you gold! I Your God am satisfied, I Your God am at peace, I Your God am at rest. Come with me and receive of my hand. Listen those of you who hear the Lord. Minister to my weak ones, those who have been wounded as a result of this battle! My reward for them is great and I will transfer that reward to them from your hands and through the prophetic flow of your mouth! Even those of little faith, speak my Life into them, let me use your hands to help up those who have fallen. For I desire that they enter in...bring them along my faithful ones. Love them and speak my life into them. I will give you my word for them. I so desire to tell them that I love them! Rejoice...for here is a season of plenty my friends...a season of plenty!!

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