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Fear Not

by Steve Lincoln

Originally from: Steve Lincoln <Slcongas@aol.com>

Originally dated: 7 Jun. 1998

Dear All,

As I was checking my e-mails tonight, the Lord gave me the following word, which I hope will encourage you...

"Do not fear the times that you live in.

Do not be afraid of what you see going on around you in the world, but be steadfast in your walk with Me.

You are living in the end of the age, when all things will be brought to fruition, and those things that have seemed to tarry will be accomplished in the earth.

It is this time that I have called each one of you into.

Each one of you has a special place in the work that I am doing in the earth at this time, only trust Me and do not fear, for fear and apathy are the weapons that the devil is seeking to use against the church at this time.

As you step out in faith in My Name, lifting up the banner of My love to those around you, I will work mighty signs and wonders through you.

The world is crying out for a demonstration of My power, and yet to a large degree it does not see it, because very often My people will not allow Me to move in the ways that I want to.

I say to you, whether you have walked with Me for a long time or a short time, and whatever position I have placed you in within My Kingdom, that it is time to let go of your fears. It is time to lay down your own agendas and your own ideas.

I am doing a new work in the earth at this time, and only those ideas that come direct from My mind will bring the fruit that you desire.

So My people, allow me to renew your minds, and open your eyes to new possibilities in Me. Those thoughts that you have had that you thought were too outrageous or foolish - trust Me, seek My face, and I will again show you those things that I would have you to do, in increasing clarity and I will give you the wisdom to carry them through.

The time has come to put aside your differences, and to join together in seeking My face and My will for your individual lives, your churches, your cities and your nations. You will find that the heavens will be open to you like never before, because the rain is beginning to fall like never before, and the dry and thirsty ground is being revived."

Praise God..!

May God bless you all richly,

Steve Lincoln.

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