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A New Wine

by Fred Kelley

Originally from: Fred Kelley <FREDKELLY@prodigy.net>

Originally dated: 5 Jun. 1998

This is a word the Lord gave me Sunday, May 31, 1998 in our Sunday morning service at (LCF) Lambertville Christian Fellowship. I believe this word is for the Church at large, the whole Body of Christ. As a fellow prophet I submit it to this list for your review and comments:

Behold I am doing a new thing says the Lord. I am doing a new thing - I am pouring into you a new wine. I am pouring into you a wine with a flavor that is very good. For as I pour into you I am giving you a nourishment that shall strengthen you and encourage you and lift you up. I pour into you a new wine. Yes, there is a blowing of the wind and a stirring that is moving and pushing and forcing My people to step forth in boldness. As you seek Me and draw near to Me and receive more of Me, My wind becomes stronger and stronger and stronger. For the new wine I have poured into you gives you strength. The new wine that I pour into you shall flow forth and it shall go forth in a mighty strong way. It shall touch the life of the one that needs deliverance and they shall be set free from the bondage they are in. Yes and the one that is possessed shall be set free. For that demonic force shall be driven and cast from them for the Spirit that I have put within you is Strength and is greater than anything the enemy can put on anyone.

Receive what I pour out to you. It has a sweetness that can radiate forth with the wind that is stirring and blowing across the land and reaching out and touching this one and that one. It is lifting those up who feel downcast; it is putting new life and joy in them and it brings forth laughter. They stand forth and they dance and they receive that which is given of Me through you, because of your love and faithfulness for Me you answer the call to reach out to those who have a need in their lives. I say that the one who is ill in their physical body shall be restored because of your faithfulness in receiving the new wine and allowing the wind the to stir and blow. That one who is downcast because the loss of a loved one has brought sorrow to their life shall feel a new joy and shall rejoice because you speak to them and I reach down and touch them through you, because of your faithfulness and love for Me .

You sought Me and came to draw near to Me, giving time to Me, so listen to My cry ,listen and absorb. Take in the new wine and allow the wind that is stirring to push and drive you to speak My Word and proclaim My name. Know that I Am your God and I Am faithful to you.

In Christ service

Fred Kelly
LCF & Kelly Evangelistic Ministries Int.

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