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Prepare Your Hearts

by Steve Lincoln

Originally from: Steve Lincoln <Slcongas@aol.com>

Originally dated: 19 May. 1998

Dear all,

As I was praying earlier today, the Lord gave me the following word, which I believe is very timely -

"Prepare your hearts My people, for I am about to pour out My Holy Spirit upon you in a measure and power that you have not yet seen.

I will open up the dry ground and pour the refreshing water of My Spirit upon the parched soil.

Where there has been dryness and death, I will bring life in abundance and the fruitfulness of My Kingdom will be seen in the land.

Do not look to your agendas or your own ideas, because what I am about to do is a new work, which will establish My Church as I want it.

In order for you to become the spotless Bride for My precious Son to marry, you must be shaken and set free from those things that would prevent My hand moving in your lives. My Son deserves perfection, and I will not allow anything less to be prepared for Him. Do not try to prevent what I am doing in your lives, or in your land, because I have set My hand to this work, and nothing will prevent it. If you try to stand in the way of what I am doing, then you will not stand in the days ahead. Only those that are willing to be molded by Me into the shape that I am forming will stand, and those that stand I will use mightily in these days.

Be strong and courageous, and full of joy, for I have overcome the world, and as you trust in Me, you too will overcome those obstacles that are before you. There is nothing that we cannot handle and overcome together - nothing at all.

As you speak out in wisdom to those that do not know Me, you will begin to notice a change in their response, for I am preparing the ground, and the harvest will soon follow.

I am doing My part in these days, are you willing to do yours?

Remember where it is that you have all come from, and the fact that if you had not heard and received My gospel, you would be lost in the darkness and heading for a Godless eternity.

Know that I am the answer to all of your problems, and I have your hand in mine as you face each day, and as you step out in faith. Know that I will never leave you to face any situation alone.

It is time to let go of your personal ideas of what a disciple of Mine should be like, for I am raising up a new army in these days, one which will shock the Church and unbelievers alike, but I tell you that My army will arise, and will storm the gates of hell in My Name, and set the captives free.

I am also about to show to those who are ready to pay the price, great secrets of My kingdom. I will give the keys of My Kingdom to those that are willing to receive and to run with Me.

I will give fresh revelation of My strategy, and fresh revelation on reaching those who are lost in the darkness of false religions and the occult. I will show to you the secrets of the spiritual warfare that is taking place in the world today, but you must be prepared to leave your own ideas behind.

As you come into the secret place, and stand before Me face to face, I will show you things that will take place, and I will also show you behind the scenes, into the spiritual arena.

You will find that many of My prophetic people will begin to speak detailed and accurate words of revelation and guidance, that are exactly the same all over the world. Even My seasoned prophets will be amazed at what is being brought forth in these days, for I tell you that as you approach the end of the age, not only is the warfare getting stronger, but the need for clarity and direction for My church is greater than ever before.

I long to spend time with you My people, in an intimacy that you have not yet known, and as you leave those things that seek to ensnare you, and to keep you from My presence, I will lead you in deeper into My presence, until you behold Me face to face, for I love you with an endless love."

God bless you all, and I pray that this word encourages and strengthens you,

Steve Lincoln.

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