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by Teresa Seputis

Originally from: Teresa Seputis <TeresaS@xc.org>

Originally dated: 5 May 1998

Before I share this word, I have to share the Lord's instructions to me regarding it. He asked me "Teresa, what day is today?" "Tuesday," I replied. "No, what day of the month is it?" "The 4th, no the 5th." "Go look on the calendar and see what today is." So I did. My calendar said Cinco de Mayo. I believe that is the Mexican Independence Day. Then the Lord told me to go write a word titled "Liberty". I have never given a word for an ethnic or people group before. It did not even cross my mind to do that when I sat down in obedience to write out this word. But this is what the Lord gave me, so this is what I have written...



I am going to set the captives free.
Those who have been oppressed
shall walk in My liberty.

I am the God of the downcast, and I will lift them up.
I am the God of the oppressed and I will set them free.
I am the God of the hurting and I will bring healing.

Don't you know, haven't you heard...

I have poured out My spirit
... to preach the gospel to the poor
... to heal the broken-hearted
... to comfort those who mourn
... to set the captives free
for this is the day of My liberty.

Even now I have begun to pour My spirit in increased measure on the Hispanic people group.
I have ordained them to be carriers of My good news.
They shall be carriers of My love.

For I will bind up their wounds.
I will remit the injustices they have suffered;
no longer will they be downcast and insignificant;
for I have chosen to pour out My glory on them.

And they will go forth in My joy.

A grace and a gracefulness will come upon them.
I will bless them with an increased portion of My spirit.
There will be an ease with which they will be able to move among different people groups.
For I will use them to reach many
for I desire those of all ethnic groups to see my goodness
... and to respond to me
... and to turn to me
... and to allow me the heal them.

I will pour out My spirit on all flesh..
on all people groups..
I will call them to Me.

And at this time I am infusing my Hispanic children with My spirit and with My liberty.
A freedom from oppression shall come over them,
bondages shall be broken off of them
and they will dance for joy before Me.
And then I will use them to free others
from the bondage of the evil one
and they will bring My truth
and My liberty
and My healing
to the oppressed and downcast of many nations and of many people groups.

For on this day of independence I am pouring out My spirit
and My liberty
and My anointing
and My empowerment
and My victory
on these people to make them overcomers in Me.

They shall overcome the evil one
and they shall set others free.

For I the Lord have spoken it.

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