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The Storm

by Chris Christensen

Originally from: Chris Christensen <pastorc@bigsky.net>

Originally dated: 1 Jun. 1998

The Lord gave me early this morning prior to Sunday service, 5/31/98

I am sending a storm, says the Lord. There will be violent winds, unrelenting and heavy rain, loud and long explosions of thunder, blinding flashes of lightning, and ordained moments of complete silence. I have told you to get ready, yet many of you have not listened. And now the storm begins.

I have warned of the destructive power of My wind, says the Lord. Everything not rooted and grounded in Me will be removed from its place by the wind of My Spirit. I will strip away people and programs that stand in My way. And I will remove everything that divides you from the rest of My body, says the Lord.

Those of you rooted and abiding in Me have already turned your faces into My wind, says the Lord. I am causing My wind to blow away those things that would come upon you to distract you from My plan for you. I will divert the attacks of the enemy, and those things he would use to assault you will blow away as the unseen dust in the air, says the Lord. Turn away from your own plans and face into the wind while there is still time.

I will also rain My Spirit down on all the earth, says the Lord. For some it will be an unprecedented season of cleansing and refreshing. For those who resist Me the rain will be chilling and destructive. For as with My Word, every move I make is as a double-edged sword. My servants I separate unto Me...My enemy I separate away from Me. Come out in to the rain and be refreshed, says the Lord.

I will announce My presence in the earth with shouts of thunder, says the Lord. For the whole earth will see My Glory as I crush my enemies beneath My feet. I control the times and seasons. I control the economies. I control the finances. I am the ultimate authority. I give and I take away. And I will entrust the wealth of the wicked to My servants, says the Lord.

For the time is coming soon when the world will see My supernatural hand of provision for My people. In time of great need many will seek you out for the provision you have. Some will come in a Spirit of repentance and reconciliation...others will come with hatred and violence to forcibly seize what you have. Listen for My thunder and stand firm on My Word of truth, even as many fall around you on all sides. For I will never leave you nor forsake you, says the Lord. Hold on to this truth during the perilous times which will soon be upon you.

I will send lightning to bring light to the dark places, expose the enemy and render him blind, says the Lord. For as My light gets brighter in the earth, so also will the darkness become harder to penetrate. I will send you into the dark places to bring light and lead the captives to freedom. For it is the light of My countenance upon you that will cause the world to take notice of you. Many will seek Me out because of the radiance of my Spirit on you. Many also will seek your destruction because of their hatred of Me. Fear not for I will always be with you. You are My chosen ones, says the Lord.

I will also call you away to the quiet places alone with Me, says the Lord. There we will talk and share and be together. I have many things to tell you that you will need to know. It is when we are alone together that you become more like Me. In My presence is fullness of joy. In My presence is perfect peace. In My presence is rest and refreshing. In My presence is healing. And only in My presence are you molded and re-shaped to become a vessel of My own choosing...a vessel of honor.

Get excited for the storm is here. Understand that what is happening in the natural is a reflection of what I am doing in the Spirit. I am separating My servants from the world. Let him who has ears hear what I am saying by My Spirit, says the Lord.

Pastor Chris Christensen

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