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by Morris Ruddick

Originally from: Morris Ruddick <MorrisR@xc.org>

Originally dated: 25 Feb. 1998

I heard the word RELEASE. I believe the Lord is saying that He is RELEASING us FROM hindrances ..... that hold us back ...... for some this will be a release from strongholds that have blocked a fullness in your interactions with the Lord. For all He is RELEASING us INTO greater levels of effectiveness for the Lord than we ever dreamed possible. Each within the context of our individual callings, giftings and anointings.

In being released we will recognize the ability to flow in the Spirit more naturally and much more effectively ..... to hear His voice more clearly ...... and to speak forth His Words of Life more boldly.

The release is in response to our heartcries for more of Him ..... but it also reflects the times and the seasons we are entering. The times are changing. We are entering times of great discontinuities ..... discontinuities that will manifest at different points upon the earth. It will be a time when the darkness seems to become darker ..... but also a time when His light will shine with greater brilliance than ever before.

LISTEN and be prepared to occupy ...... be prepared to begin moving in these new levels of release. For the Lord is gathering and preparing those who are hungering after Him to be used during these strategic times. He is gathering, equipping and RELEASING those who are willing ..... willing to be used more effectively by the Lord than they ever dreamed imagineable.

The Lord is releasing those who are willing to be used mightily as instruments of His purpose to prepare and participate in demonstrations of His love with signs and wonders following ..... as He brings His Body together in unity ..... and as He reaches out and demonstrates His love to a confused and lost and dying world.

Morris Ruddick

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